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Revitalization of agricultural production – Departments of Diourbel and Fatick

Redynamisation de la production agricole au Sénégal

Market gardenings in the Diourbel region enjoyed a flourishing period and contributed for a long time to supply Dakar’s market. But this production has gradually deteriorated and is now reduced to a few localized sites.


Main constraints are:

    • lack of water control and water quality drilling;
    • land and vegetation cover degradation, particularly as a result of poor farming practices and actions of water and wind erosion;


  • difficult access to production factors (inputs, equipment ...);
  • low crop diversification;
  • low management rate in this sector;
  • lack of professionalism among producers and groups;
  • the aging of the rural population.


Due to the dynamic created by the 2014 -2016 pilot phase in the Diourbel area, the actions has been extended.

At the request of various Senegalese communities and because of a new context (new territorial divisions in France and Senegal), the project has expanded in the Fatick region with the same constraints:

  • unfavorable productive environment (land degradation, lack of tree cover or hedging, etc.);
  • unsafe market gardening perimeters (absence or deteriorated fence);
  • basic work equipment (both for rainfed/vegetable crops and for livestock farming);
  • poor control of technical itineraries (crops and livestock);
  • difficulties to sale market gardening production


General Objective: to fight against structural poverty and food insecurity of populations in Bambey, Diourbel, Fatick and Mbacke Departments.

Specific objective: to secure and sustainably improve the agricultural activities of 350 families living in 6 villages of the 4 departments by strengthening local skills.


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Program of Sustainable Management of Limbé’s watershed (PAD-Nord) – North-Haïti

image001haitiIn a context of strong physical degradation and increasing poverty, the goal of this project is to manage and to valorize, on a long-term basis, Limbé’s watershed. It is important to take into account the development of farming sectors and the protection of natural resources (soil, water and biodiversity). Agroecological practices implemented by the families and organizations ensure performance to technical, economic and environmental plans.

More about the 2nd Assises of decentralized Franco-Haitian cooperation,
in Port-au-Prince (from December 4th to 6th, 2017)

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Agroecological intensification and Diversification of family farming – Siem Reap

agroecologie-developpement-touristique-cambodgeAvec la proximité des temples d’Angkor, la croissance touristique de la ville de Siem Reap s’accompagne d’une forte demande en produits frais. Cette demande est satisfaite en grande partie par les importations venant des pays voisins, excluant les petits agriculteurs locaux qui subissent des contraintes multiples.

Les actions visent les petites exploitations familiales et portent sur l’intensification agroécologique et sur l’amélioration de la commercialisation. Ces petites exploitations acquièrent l’autosuffisance alimentaire, obtiennent des revenus réguliers et contribuent à approvisionner les marchés locaux. Le volet commercialisation est particulièrement actif, tiré par une demande croissante pour les produits sains et locaux.

L’organisation en groupement de commercialisation permet aux petits producteurs de se saisir collectivement des opportunités économiques qui leur étaient jusqu’à présent inaccessibles.

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