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COP22 – Agrisud International’s commitment to the “Sustainable Oasis” Initiative. The interview with RFI

For its radio show “C’est pas du vent” on Radio France Internationale, which provided an insight into the “Sustainable Oasis” initiative launched by Morocco, Anne-Cécile Bras took advantage of a visit to the palm grove of Marrakech to interview Elphège Ghestem-Zahir, our assistant director of operations, and her team.

parcours_pedagogique_marrakechThis tour, organized for COP22 by Agrisud, in partnership with the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection and the Norsys Foundation, enabled several visitors to discover the farm of Mr. Abderrahim, a producer accompanied since 2015 as part of the project to rehabilitate the palm grove of Marrakech.

Our intervention on the agricultural part of this project aims to propose agroecological, sustainable and adapted practices to this specific context, and which preserve natural resources such as soil, biodiversity and water, particularly fragile in these arid areas. But it also aims to provide better incomes to the producers by producing more and better while respecting the environment.

Such a visit, organized as a real educational tour, allowed visitors to interact directly with the producer and technicians of the project, enabling them to better understand the issues associated with the preservation of the palm grove.

During the interview, journalist Anne-Cécile Bras handed over to Patrice Burger, Director of CARI (International Action and Achievement Center), and Lahcen Kabiri, President of AOFEP (Oasis Ferkla Association for Environment and Heritage) and member of the RADDO (the Community Association for Sustainable Development of the Oasis). They speak on the “Sustainable Oasis” initiative and highlighted the importance of arid areas and highly fragile oasis ecosystems threatened by both climate change and human contribution to their degradation.

Listen to the interview (in french)