Local Economy against Poverty

03/09/2015 inField news, Illustrate
Morocco: Young people with disabilities are developing small economic activities

Since 2009, the Naturex Foundation has been supporting the creation and development of small economic activities in Morocco, carried by young people with disabilities.

10 VSE (Very Small Enterprises) were created and 6 of them are still active today. They enable young people to move from a precarious situation to a situation of autonomy thanks to:

  •  Their new skills which allow them to manage an agricultural activity, technically, economically and financially;
  •  An additional income for their family;
  •  The recognition of their knowledge and their expertise in their immediate environment.

This changed position has allowed them to establish a home and sometimes a family.

The attached document reflects the latest technical and economic results of beekeeping activities developed by young people who are now autonomous and integrated in their professional environment.