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Covid-19: in Cambodia and Brazil, producers keep on innovating to feed populations

The current pandemic is causing difficulties in terms of supply and/or disposal of products.
Since the beginning of this crisis, family farms supported by Agrisud, especially in Brazil and Cambodia, have implemented alternatives to their usual marketing methods. The goal: meet the food needs of populations with healthy products.


In Brazil, the Ecoverde cooperative uses WhatsApp to deliver baskets of agro-ecological products

Farmers of the Ecoverde cooperative, located in São Paulo, usually sell their products on food markets or at hotels and restaurants. These facilities are currently closed, and the markets suspended until further notice, this is why they chose to use WhatsApp, very popular and widely used application in Brazil, to adapt their commercial offer to households.

Flyer WhatsApp de la coopérative Ecoverde à Sao Paulo au BrésilThis adaptation takes the form of individual baskets and a new organisation has been implemented to collect orders and make deliveries. With the support of CDRS *, they spread a flyer on WhatsApp which displays a selection of products and the order/payment methods, to a certain number of contacts.

The viral effect of the network was effective: in 3 weeks orders tripled and neighboring producers joined this initiative in order to offer a wider range of organic and agro-ecological products to confined consumers.

Some members of the Ecoverde cooperative testify:


In Cambodia, the Green Farmers association takes online orders on its Facebook page

Facing the same problem as in Brazil and to answer the local authorities call, the producers of the Green Farmers association have also used digital technology to supply the inhabitants of Siem Reap.

Page Facebook des Green Farmers Siem Reap au CambodgeAlready on the Internet via their Facebook page, the Green Farmers use it as an interface to take orders. The association has set up 2 delivery methods: at home or at pick-up points on markets which are still open.

Thanks to communication actions both on Facebook (posts, videos, etc.) and on these food markets that they were able to promote these new services.

Results: online orders for processed products (fruit juices, herbal teas, dried spices, etc.) as well as direct sales of fresh products (fruits and vegetables) increased by around 47%.

L'association Green Farmers au Cambodge vend via leur page Facebook et sur certains marchés de Siem Reap.

In Brazil and Cambodia, family farms supported by Agrisud have taken advantage of new technologies to quickly meet the food needs of populations and develop local distribution network promoting this way local production.

The agro-ecological products they sell also meet the expectations of even more health-conscious consumers.

This experience allows them to diversify their customer base and create a new dynamic which is to be continued in the coming months.

*Agricultural technical assistance from the State of São Paulo