Local Economy against Poverty

11/11/2016 inAgrisud’s, Event, Illustrate
COP22 – Agrisud panellist at the conference in Masen

cop22_masen_Tariq-Zidi_norsysWednesday, November 9th, 2016, we took part in the side event organized by MASEN on the theme of solar energies and their impact on agriculture at a local level, thus ensuring the food security of the populations in the area concerned.

As part of its local development policy, the MASEN agency has been supporting since 2014 a project to support the local economic activities carried out by the families of Ghassate Commune.

This municipality harbors the 1st solar energy complex of MASEN (Province of Ouarzazate).


Agrisud and its partners (ORMAVO and Norsys Foundation) are operationalizing this action. During the side event they presented the strategy implemented and the results obtained on this project.