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Decentralized cooperation in Senegal: significant progress

The steering committee of the decentralized cooperation program, between the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region and the Senegalese regions of Diourbel and Fatick, took place at the Regional Council in Bordeaux.

Among the work leads which compose this program, the PRPA: Project of Revitalization of Family Farm Production, implemented by Agrisud, is of great interest to Senegalese communities/authorities.


Territorial actors mobilized for a successful decentralized cooperation in Senegal

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region welcomed a Senegalese delegation from Fatick and Diourbel Regions which are engaged in this decentralized cooperation program. The NGOs involved (Agrisud, CIPA, RAEF) as well as the Diourbel and Fatick Regional Development Agency were also present to report on the progress of the PRPA.

Les acteurs des territoires mobilisés pour une coopération décentralisée réussie au Sénégal

Alain Rousset (Président, Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine) et Isabelle Boudineau (Vice-Présidente, Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine) entourés de la délégation sénégalaise des Régions de Fatick et Diourbel (Sénégal).


Positive evolution of the field activities thanks to very concrete actions answering the populations needs

The PRPA aims to secure and sustainably improve agricultural activities by strengthening the skills of several local actors. 350 families from 6 localities in 4 departments (Bambey, Diourbel, Mbacké, Fatick) benefit from this project.

The steering committee identified several success factors, including great involvement of the technical and institutional stakeholders as well as strong assimilation of the project by the beneficiary farmers. They have diversified their gardening activities through livestock and food crops. They produce differently, especially through agro-ecology, which makes their agricultural activities more sustainable.

The small farms which are part of the PRPA meet population expectations in terms of income generation and food security. These positive results encourage Senegalese authorities to carry on and extend this decentralized cooperation project.

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Integration of the PRPA project into AGRITER program to enhance the decentralized cooperation

The PRPA project is now also part of a larger program: AGRITER.

This program, undertaken by Agrisud, is part of a program agreement with AFD (2018-2020) which also involves the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region. This way, the 3 actors will manage to carry on and strengthen their actions with 64 southern communities including those of Fatick and Diourbel in Senegal.

Built to reinforce territorial dynamics in these countries and to promote sustainable family farming, it comes in full coherence with decentralized cooperation initiatives and the Objectives of Sustainable Development.

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The PRPA good results were confirmed during this steering committee which also enabled all actors of the concerned territories to better assimilate the project and its outcomes. These positive developments efficiently serve the decentralized cooperation program, a multi-stakeholder program whose success is due to the commitment of all stakeholders.