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Club Med / Agrisud, a sustainable partnership

Interview by Agnès Weil, Director of Sustainable Development and Philanthropy Club Méditerranée, General Delegate of Club Méditerranée Corporate Foundation, about the partnership with International Agrisud

photo Agnes WeilSince 2008, Club Med has signed a partnership with Agrisud to intervene around its villages to structure and professionalize the supply of small producers of proximity and thus participate in their output insecurity and support the local economy. Agrisud and Club Med have created 239 TPE in four countries (Morocco, Brazil, Senegal, Bali): these small producers could be accompanied by Agrisud to improve their productions Agroecology, adapt their supply to demand of Club Med and that of local markets, and organizing to better sell. Find the testimony of Agnès Weil, Director of Sustainable Development and Philanthropy Club Méditerranée, General Delegate of the Club Méditerranée Foundation, which evokes the partnership:

- What are the main axes of your CSR policy?

Our CSR policy “Globe Members’ acts on three axes:

  • Environmental axis: As a specialist dreams of sites, conscious of their fragility, Club Med has promoted in eco-construction and environmental management
  • societal axis: Convinced that he must actively contribute to local development, Club Med educates respect for the host country and fight against the sexual exploitation of children in tourism; it supports local production by expanding local procurement and supporting local peasant agriculture
  • social axis: Club Med offers rich and diverse courses to its employees and is committed to diversity and equal opportunities.

 - How does it fit with the collaboration Agrisud in your mission?

The collaboration is part of the axis of the contribution to local development: the originality of the approach with Agrisud is not to be limited to minimizing the negative impacts but also seek to maximize positive impacts: jobs created, purchases generated locally instead of what was bought or imported elsewhere.

- Why do you support the actions Agrisud International?

The meeting with Agrisud showed that it was possible to be proactive by raising a local production that can adapt to the needs of Club Med in terms of supplier relations. There was no other actor, I think, who can assist producers both on the technical aspects of quality, quantity, regularity of production but also of organization, marketing and relationship coaching.

Club Med supports Agrisud to build together is very important. This is the dynamic gift, for the social impact of sponsorship is multiplied by these actions to multiple benefits (economic, social, environmental). This is not the “dry patronage ‘, where we would give money to projects that remain strangers. Therefore, we feel “partners” rather than “support”: We help Agrisud Agrisud and helps us to be more involved local player, more original way, deeper and fuller.

- What are differentiating value to your collaboration with Agrisud?

We were looking at the time a microcredit partner. With Agrisud, we finally found a much more comprehensive support to autonomy and professionalism in all directions: customer benefits visible, fresh local produce and quality agro-ecological, technical and economic support … Agrisud is on the complete chain (diagnostic feasibility, professional training courses, organization of marketing channels, mediating role between our field crews and producers together) in a controlled intervention process from upstream to downstream while other actors will be on a single link this chain.

Furthermore, an actor at the confluence of the worlds of business and NGOs, who endorsed the laws of the market, it is rare because these worlds are only usually mingle. I like the slogan Agrisud: “The NGO that creates companies’ few NGOs can claim that! Support for entrepreneurship is in my opinion the skills most valuable Agrisud, even more than agroecology. It is also found that many of our customers want to help start-ups.

Finally, from the outset, we enjoyed the flexibility Agrisud, his desire to adapt to our problems and to “make whole”, even in countries where it was not implemented.

Interview October 15, 2015

Club Med wins the “best initiative in sustainable development and social responsibility,” the Worldwide Hospitality Awards for its partnership with Agrisud.

On November 5, 2015, Club Med has been awarded a Worldwide Hospitality Awards for his original initiative to help small producers around its villages to professionalize and out of poverty. This is the third time that Club Med wins award under its partnership with Agrisud. For more information on the award-winning partnership, click here.