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In recent months, the Board of Directors and the management team have been working on our Association perspectives and the evolution of our organization and governance. Therefore, during the meeting of June 20th, 2019, the Board approved Robert Lion recommendation to pass on, in the autumn, the chairmanship to Joël Lebreton. The circumstances of Robert Lion sudden death led Joël Lebreton to take this chairmanship during the Board of Directors meeting of September 19th. Beyond the exceptional circumstances, this appointment is fully in line with…...read more

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Eglise Saint-Sulpice - Paris, 19 septembre 2019 "Quelle chance vous aviez d’avoir Robert Lion pour président !" De nombreux messages nous arrivent dans ces termes depuis vendredi. Et c’est vrai que par son parcours extraordinaire, Robert n’est pas n’importe quel président. Sa clairvoyance et sa hauteur de vue impressionnent, son indépendance d’esprit, son audace, son verbe si précis ne laissent personne indifférent. Nous venons d’entendre l’étendue de son engagement au service de l’Etat. Mais il met tout autant d’énergie dans un…...read more

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Robert Lion, our president for 17 years, has just passed away suddenly. It is a shock and a great sadness to lose the one who put his passion, his foresight and his rich experience at the service of our cause. He will remain a great example for us all. Read Agrisud's tribute during the farewell ceremony. (in French)...read more

Civil society made its voice heard at COP14. After having participated actively in several sessions, side-events and round tables, Patrice Burger, President of CARI and member of the Board of Agrisud, read the last statement of CSO: . Listen to Patrice Burger reading the CSO Final Declaration (audio in french): [audio mp3="http://www.agrisud.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/AUDIO-2019-09-12-13-40-18-copie.mp3"][/audio] . Read the CSO Final Declaration: "Mr Chair, Over the past two weeks, the representatives of the 1000 registered CSOs have actively and passionately participated in all stages…...read more

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Agrisud and CARI take part in COP14 of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), which runs from September 2nd to 13th in New Delhi, India. With their civil society partners, they carry the messages of the Declaration of the Desertif'actions International Summit. . Take into account the voice of civil society at COP14 to combat desertification Before each UNCCD COP, civil society meets at a unique Summit: Desertif'actions to prepare its contributions to combating desertification. At the end…...read more

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(Français) ANAMAY (nettoyer en laotien) est une initiative lancé par plusieurs ONG : le Comité de Coopération avec le Laos, Agrisud International et SNV - Netherlands Development Organization. L’objectif : réduire et améliorer la gestion des déchets en zone rurale pour répondre à des enjeux sanitaires et environnementaux au Laos.   Améliorer la gestion des déchets en zone rurale autant qu’en zone urbaine au Laos : une nécessité Au Laos, la gestion des déchets plastiques est un problème non pris en compte dans les…...read more

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As part of a national program in Haiti to limit the impact of natural disasters, Agrisud and its partners launch a project: "Research - Training - Agricultural Extension on adaptation to climate change" in the area of ​​Centre-Artibonite, more especially in Saint-Raphaël Municipality (North Department). Funded by the Inter-American Development Bank and the Climate Investment Fund, the objective is to propose sustainable solutions in agriculture and climate risk management. . Adapting to climate change to increase agricultural production and reduce…...read more

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Since 2015 Agrisud, which is commissioned by Swissaid, has supported the establishment of a local agroecology skills center in Guinea Bissau. After a 1st stage focusing on strengthening agroecological practices with farmers, a 2nd stage is currently underway to expand agroecology to a wider audience. . A local skills center to promote agroecology from farmers to decision-makers In Bissau, the cluster of local skills in agroecology has 3 objectives: To promote agroecological practices among farmers at the national level To advocate…...read more

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Agrisud carried out a preliminary study for the Siem Reap fecal sludge project with the support of SIA, an engineering consulting firm specializing in sanitation, This study includes several aspects (agronomic, economic, sociological ...) and its results demonstrate the potential of valorizing sludge as natural fertilizer face to the high needs of peri-urban agriculture. . Many actors involved in the agricultural valorization of sludge in Siem Reap The Municipality of Siem Reap will benefit and will be involved in the…...read more

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