Local Economy against Poverty

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Yvonnick HUET, the CEO of Agrisud speaks of agroecology ......read more

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All of Agrisud International's southern and northern teams join together to wish you a very happy new year 2014....read more

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Since 2004, Agrisud International and Moroccan partners - ORMVAO, Amaid and Coeur de Palmier - helping small family farms in the oasis of southern Morocco for sustained improvement activities,technical mastery, maintaining productive natural resources, economic control and generationstable income, integration into the working environment. More than 400 farmers have been supported in gardening, olive culture and small livestock (sheep, rabbits and bees). This Agrisud and its partners support has been possible thanks to the support of many Moroccan and French organizations : Regional Council of Aquitaine, Mutual Moroccan national Rotary Club of Casablanca, Caisse des Dépôts, CFSI, Naturex Foundation, MC ² Partner / In extenso, Accor Group,Lion's Club Vimy Water Without Borders, Lerichemont Company. The film was made at the end of 2012 by Madeleine Caillard (www.madetcat.net). It shows thediversity of activities undertaken to enable people in a precarious situation to become trueentrepreneurs....read more

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Mahavotra - Agroécologie et foresterie paysannes à Madagascar - Projet pilote d'évaluation de l'empreinte carbone du changement des pratiques agricoles. Un projet de la fondation GoodPlanet mené conjointement avec les associations Agrisud International et EtcTerra....read more

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Grande figure indienne dirigeant la « Fondation de la recherche pour la science, les technologies et les ressources naturelles », Vandana Shiva est une des chefs de file du mouvement écologiste mondial. En visite sur le site d’Igran N’Asni près de Marrakech au Maroc, elle a délivré au groupement des arboriculteurs son message sur l’agroécologie. Rappelons que ce groupement a été créé dans le cadre d’un projet associant Agrisud et la Fondation Norsys, avec l’appui du Club Med....read more

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Agrisud International and its partner Himalayan Action Research Centre (HARC) support family farms in Masraspatti Panchayat for this new spices production campaign witch in starting in May. 100 families are involved in the production of turmeric, ginger, chilly and coriander. They are organized into six Farmers’ Interest Groups (FIG), federated themselves into a cooperative for spices processing and marketing: Pachawadoon Agriculture Autonomous Cooperative. For this 2013 farming campaign, a production of 108 tons of fresh and processed spices is expected…...read more

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Since 2004, Agrisud International with support from the Accor Group provides support to small producers located in the outskirts of the town of Siem Reap. In 2011, this partnership takes a new dimension with the introduction of a short circuit between producers supported by Agrisud and the Hotel Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra Siem Reap. To participate in this pilot initiative, 10 farmers were selected in the town of Real Krabei. After analyzing what local vegetables could meet the demand of the Sofitel,…...read more

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