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06/30/2014 inAgrisud’s, Illustrate

For a traditional hive spring means the resumption of activities during the awakening of nature. Therefore, things are also progressing for the project the Medoc Hive. A first spot has been identified to experience the operation of the Medoc Hive. Its owner is already renting plots of land to a truck-farmer who has been developing its activity for two years. For the project the proximity with this truck-farmer is crucial. We can now initiate the project’s supporting process thanks to…...read more

06/24/2014 inField news, Illustrate

Last April, Agrisud launched a project to revitalize the vegetable production in the Diourbel Region, in Senegal. This action is part of a decentralized cooperation between the Aquitaine and the Diourbel Regions. It is in this context that Agrisud set up, beginning of june, a training cycle in agroecology for the region’s development actors. During the Pilot phase (2014-2016) 120 family farms and their organizations will be accompanied in two villages in the rural community of Baba Garage: Keur Ousmane…...read more

05/21/2014 inField news, Illustrate

The Agricultural Investment Project in Gabon (Prodiag) was initiated by the Gabonese government, supported by Agrisud and implemented by the Institut Gabonais d’Appui au Développement (IGAD). The project helps strengthen food security in the major Gabonese urban centers through the promotion of an efficient and entrepreneurial agriculture respecting the environment. Its goals are multiple: developing farming production, supporting marketing and structuring the Gabonese agricultural profession. The project started in 2012 for five years. It is funded by the Gabonese government,…...read more

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In Madagascar, Agrisud is involved in the second phase of the Holistic Conservation Programme for Forests (financing GEF) and more specifically in charge of Component 2 "alternative agricultural practices". This component is divided into three areas: Support to local communities in the development of their agricultural land Support agricultural diversification and promotion of income generating activities Support to agro-ecological intensification Two regions of Madagascar are involved: the Anosy Region (area Beampingaratsy) and Sava Region (area COMATSA) . This second phase…...read more

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During the 2014 SIAM* edition, the Morocan Crédit Agricole Group invited Agrisud to host a conference. The NGO had, therefore, the opportunity to present 10 years of action, in partnership with ORMVAO, the Regional Office of Agricultural Development of Ouarzazate, in favor of family farming. Because of the difficult Oasis context, family farming faces three major challenges: ensuring food security for its people, fighting against insecurity through its producers’ improved socio-professional integration and sustainably managing natural resources, especially soil, water…...read more

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This program was built between the Aquitaine and the Diourbel Regions (150 km east of Dakar ), one of the poorest regions of Senegal, which undergoes a sharp decline in agriculture. And for good reasons : erratic rainfall and gradual reduction of water resources, severe land degradation and land cover. This causes a gradual decline impoverishment of rural populations and ongoing uncertainty about their food security. It causes an exodus that particularly affects young people. The framework of decentralized cooperation…...read more

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The Moroccan solar agency MASEN developing a major deployment program of large solar power plants on Moroccan territory. One of them, the central Noor is located near Ouarzazate in the south. Aware of the impact of such implementation on local populations, the MASEN agency wants to conduct some developping actions on territories near the plant, and asked Agrisud and the Office of the Regional Agricultural Development of Ouarzazate (ORMVAO) to propose an action plan in this regard. Agrisud and ORMVAO…...read more

03/26/2014 inField news, Illustrate

Madagascar has a great biodiversity but its natural capital is threatened by deforestation. About 50 000 hectares of its natural forest disappear every year. These ecosystems are particularly threatened by traditional agricultural techniques such as slash-and-burn cultivation. They are practiced by isolated local communities, who are increasingly vulnerable and for whom exploiting forest resources is the only way to subsistence. The aim of the Holistic Program of Forest Preservation in Madagascar (or PHCF in French) is to reduce the rhythm…...read more

02/26/2014 inAgrisud’s, Event, Illustrate

This UN initiative’s aim is to improve the image of small and family farming. The objectives are to focus the world’s attention on their contribution to the eradication of poverty and hunger but also the improvement of food security, nutrition and livelihood. The topics of natural resources’ management, the protection of environment and sustainable development, especially in rural areas, will also be highlighted. Agrisud has been supporting the development of family farming for over 20 years. This year 2014 will…...read more

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