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Yvonnick Huet, CEO Agrisud International, spoke June 2, 2015 at the roundtable on the business contribution to equitable and sustainable development, organized by the Secretary of State for Development and Francophony. The agenda for the post-2015 development, which the international community will approve ambitious Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty and build low-carbon sustainable development strategy implies a major mobilization of implementation means, involving all players. This meeting, which provided an opportunity to the French Development Agency (AFD) to present…...read more

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Every year, each of us relates to search engines 30 € a year, thanks to advertising. Using Lilo, you may decide that this money finances social and environmental projects, including Agrisud! How? It's very easy: by searching with Lilo, you earn a drop of water you can give the project of your choice. Another feature is that ethics Lilo does not collect your personal data and is for your Internet privacy. Navigate with Lilo and helpful and contribute to projects…...read more

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The promotion of urban and periurban sustainable agriculture project  in 5 pilot municipalities in the District of Abidjan aims to strengthen the capacity of growers to control systems and agro-ecological production practices. This pilot project is being implemented by University Communities with support from Agrisud International, with co-funding from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Social Development Fund - FSD) and the Autonomous District of Abidjan. The project launch ceremony was held April 14 in the conference room of the…...read more

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Agrisud is party of the next International Forum on Desertification and civil society to be held in Montpellier from 10 to 13 June 2015. Agrisud will co-host a thematic axes and teams to Haiti and Cambodia invited by the CARI, will be represented. Desertif'actions is the Civil society International Forum dedicated to land degradation and combating desertification. The forum will bring together over 300 stakeholders from over 100 countries. Civil society organizations, scientists, local government, farmer organizations, private and public…...read more

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Since 10 years, Agrisud International works in Morocco in the Provinces of Ouarzazate, Zagora and Tinghir with the support of the Aquitaine Region (France). The strategy is to support family farms in oasis environment in the implementation of income generating activities (IGA) sustainable. With this experience and results, Agrisud and its partners have decided to write a small booklet for use by association members. The objectif is to share an approach, a method and a key tool to promote IGAs…...read more

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The Gabonese Development Support Institute (IGAD), Agrisud’s historical partner in Gabon, has just launched its new website dedicated to its field activities, especially for the Agricultural Investment Program in Gabon (Prodiag), mainly financed by the Gabonese Government and the French Development Agency. On this new website you can find news of the Institute, learn more about the projects developed by the Gabonese association which has been active since 1992 in the rural and agricultural sectors in Gabon, and also discover…...read more

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Since 2009, the Naturex Foundation has been supporting the creation and development of small economic activities in Morocco, carried by young people with disabilities. 10 VSE (Very Small Enterprises) were created and 6 of them are still active today. They enable young people to move from a precarious situation to a situation of autonomy thanks to:  Their new skills which allow them to manage an agricultural activity, technically, economically and financially;  An additional income for their family;  The recognition of…...read more

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Sylvain Berton, our Director of Operations, spoke on Friday 27 February, during the 2015 Agriculture Show, at the round table on “agroecological intensification and climate change” organized by the CIRAD and AFD. Agrisud International brought its experience in implementing systems and agroecological practices in the South (Africa, Asia and the Caribbean). Sylvain Berton stressed the importance of taking into account four key elements for the promotion of agroecology: Promoting complementarity of action between the plot scale, operation and territory (landscape);…...read more

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Agrisud accompanied this capacity building project of municipal knowledge concerning land-use development and planning of vulnerable urban areas from 2012 to 2015. The support given by Agrisud was focused on building local skills in terms of assembling, implementing, evaluating, capitalizing development projects and communicating on them (the training was conducted in December 2012). The goal was also to support the assembly process and project implementation on the driver sites (2 in Abidjan and one in Cotonou) and finally to create…...read more

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