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On November 5, 2015, Agrisud International organized a conference on the theme "Climate-Migration: global problem, local solutions," which has allowed, during a debate involving climate experts, agriculture and of employment, to draw up an alarming picture of the prospective economic and climatic migration by 2050 and the effects of climate change in the South. Faced with these worrying phenomena, Agrisud has shown that solutions exist, that empower the people of southern and stabilize in rural areas. Hosted by Robert Lion,…...read more

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Eugénie Bastié Article from Figaro.fr (05/11/15) INTERVIEW - Yvonnick Huet is director of the Agrisud NGOs working in the development of family farming in the South. He explains that only the preservation of the ecological disaster campaigns will prevent mass migration. Agrisud is an NGO working for 23 years in the development of family agriculture and aid to very small businesses in the South. It is present in over 18 countries in Africa, Asia and South America. The association organizes…...read more

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Interview by Agnès Weil, Director of Sustainable Development and Philanthropy Club Méditerranée, General Delegate of Club Méditerranée Corporate Foundation, about the partnership with International Agrisud Since 2008, Club Med has signed a partnership with Agrisud to intervene around its villages to structure and professionalize the supply of small producers of proximity and thus participate in their output insecurity and support the local economy. Agrisud and Club Med have created 239 TPE in four countries (Morocco, Brazil, Senegal, Bali): these small…...read more

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Geneviève Férone, Vice President Agrisud, defends market gardening and agro-ecological food for the development of a green Africa Citizen Forum Libreville, Gabon. Read Liberation news...read more

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Land Degradation Neutrality, NGOs make their recommendations to the UNCCD, the United Nations Convention to Combat against Desertification. Financing LDN : What makes senses ?...read more

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For the COP 21 to be held in Paris in December 2015, Agrisud International Senegal involved in October 8 conference in Kaolack on "Senegal's commitment to sustainable development." The conference was organized by France Volunteers in Senegal as part of the French Volunteer Day 2015. After a presentation of Senegal's contribution for COP 21 and a presentation of the environmental situation of the country by the former minister of ecology, Mr Haidar El Ali, Agrisud presented the work done in…...read more

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This prize, awarded by the city of Milan and the Lombardy Region, recognizes individuals, initiatives or organizations who by their behavior and activities, help to defend the planet as well as humans. Yvonnick Huet, General Manager's Agrisud International (4th from the left on the photo), received the award on behalf of Agrisud. The honorary committee has chosen this year as different people and organizations as José Alberto Mujica Cordano, former President of Uruguay, "the poorest president in the world," Svezia…...read more

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In 2008, Club Med and Agrisud built a partnership to foster local economic development around the Club Med villages. In mid-2009, Cap Skirring in Senegal was selected as a pilot site to promote the creation of small farms in order to improve the supply of fresh products for the villages and local markets. 6 years later, the partnership proves sucessfull: for the 2014-2015 season, 175 vegetable farmers and their families are helped, revenues are growing steadily, deliveries begin increasingly early,…...read more

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September 9, 2015. Robert Lion, Agrisud International President, comes at Convergences World Forum on "Territory and climate change" Robert Lion spoke at the round table "Territories and Climate Change: Urban and rural areas face the challenge", organized by the Convergences World Forum. Antoine Frérot, CEO of Veolia, Roland Ries, President of United Cities France and Mayor of Strasbourg, John Paul Moatti, CEO of the Research Institute for Development and Christopher Gonzales, Mayor of Guiuan (Philippines), a city ​​battered by the…...read more

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