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05/04/2016 inField news, Illustrate

Madagascar faces major development challenges, particularly in rural areas. The potential of the country is not yet well established, and rural populations, often presented incorrectly as resistant to change, often lack when they wish to expand their activities. Yet the resources and support mechanisms exist: technical services devolved state, Regional Fund for Agricultural Development, NGOs, projects and programs, and a large number of local organizations (NGOs, cooperatives, associations). These could play an important role in the dissemination of technical innovations…...read more

04/27/2016 inField news, Illustrate

As part of the partnership with DM Echange et Mission mission and SECAAR, Agrisud facilitated a learning cycle Tsévié Togo from 18 to 23 April 2016. The learning cycle is to improve participants' ability to implement advice to agricultural small businesses within the framework of development projects. It is organized in plenary and group work in a logical exchanges around methods and tools to professionalize advisory activities taking account of the contractor (individual or organization of individuals), its activity output…...read more

04/04/2016 inField news, Illustrate

The Central African Republic has experienced in recent years an unprecedented crisis. The health and economic situation required a strong answer from the international community, with a strong presence of humanitarian and UN agencies, peacekeepers head. Despite a volatile security situation, the situation is now more stable and favorable to the strengthening of the society. With the support of all development actors, the Central African state now wants to enter a process of economic recovery with a medium and long…...read more

AGRISUD, AVSF, CARI and GRET come to form a working group on agroecological transition. With research and based on the experience of each this group will conduct validation work conditions for the success of agroecological transitions for family farming, and evaluation of their effects and impact. Through these analyzed experiences and lessons learned, he wants to bring a unique voice and a greater capacity for political dialogue to strengthen advocacy on agroecology at national and international level. An action-research initiative…...read more

The pilot project to reduce Miombo forest deforestation and degradation on the outskirts of the natural reserve of Gilé in Mozambique is going on for the agricultural campaign 2015-2016 with 390 farmers from 8 communities. The agro-ecological intensification is a way to reduce cultivated areas and preserve both production results and agro-biodiversity. Maintaining and improving soil fertility through conservation agriculture allow to cultivate the land for longer periods between fallows. In addition, better management of livestock farming (goats) without wandering,…...read more

See the article of Robert Lion, President Agrisud International, and Geneviève Férone Creuzet, Vice President Agrisud International, published in Le Monde on December 10, 2015 See the article on the site of Le Monde Photo credit: Drought in Somalia (2007). REUTERS / Radu Sigheti...read more

12/04/2015 inAgrisud’s, Event, Illustrate

In parallel with the ongoing negotiations on climate, side events are a great way to agroecology could well be on the agenda of solutions. Globaly NGOs and Agrisud support the idea that family farms can be resilient to climate risks, and may also contribute significantly to mitigation. But two conditions: the adaptation of agricultural practices to reduce vulnerability, and complementarity of scale between the culture of land, farming and the land. Important initiatives are emerging around the preservation and restoration…...read more

11/10/2015 inAgrisud’s, Event, Illustrate

Aquitaine meeting for International Cooperation and Solidarity will take place on 12 and 13 November 2015 in Bordeaux. This second edition will be dedicated to the theme "Economy and Development: what convergence between companies, international solidarity associations and local authorities in the fight against poverty and inequality in developing countries? ". Agrisud intervene with its partner Club Med in the roundtable "What innovative partnerships to address territorial development challenges? " For more details, click here....read more

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