Local Economy against Poverty

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"All committed to undertake against poverty " Experts in their field and carried by common values, our teams demonstrate their daily commitment. Discover Louis-Etienne, our representative in Senegal....read more

Agrisud moderated in October 2016 a training initiated by the ssociation Le CARI. Entitled "From Territorial Planning to Field Actions" it took place at CIHEAM¹ in Montpellier. Organized as part of of the Working Group on Desertification (GTD), it meets the its members' expectations: to master methods and tools to support the agroecological transition of territories. Ability to plan and manage agroecological transition territories Agroecological transition territories is a central point to promote food security in developing countries. Two GTD publications…...read more

This welcome initiative, led by Cécile Bruère and people motivated by the arrival of a new age in agriculture, just extend the pilot actions carried out by Agrisud on this territory since 2012, in particular the project "Ruche du Médoc" (Hive Médoc). The association aims to support and develop the activity test based on an agricultural activity. It accompanies people in their professionalization process and their integration into the territory according to the specificities of each project promoter. It is particularly aimed…...read more

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"All committed to undertake against poverty " Experts in their field and carried by common values, our teams demonstrate their daily commitment. Discover Picheth Seng, our representative in Cambodia....read more

Last December, Agrisud International and its partners (AIM1, CIRAD2, MPE3) organized the launch of new product sales in several markets in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. The purpose of this operation was to promote the products of agroecology. Agroecology to "Feed the capital" Urban and peri-urban agricultural activity in Antananarivo is important and contributes in supplying the city. However, production conditions are precarious and trade chains are rarely organized. The ASA (Agro-Silviculture around Antananarivo) program, funded mainly by the European Union,…...read more

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The newsletter "Agricultural Information" went on site to interview our teams around the project "Fruit farming professionalization (phase IV) and securing access to water" in Asni circle, near Marrakech. "The goal is to have an approach of professionalisation in an agroecology logic that leads to autonomy by adapting to climatic conditions." Yvonnick Huet, CEO of Agrisud International. Read the article (french version)...read more

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In partnership with Laotian NGO DOKLAO, our Agrisud team in Laos carried out an original program in June 2016 to raise awareness of environment through games and theater. The objective is to mobilize local populations to the challenges of biodiversity and the preservation of the village forests they manage through their land-use planning. This program has created a real enthusiasm among the populations, and many community projects have emerged for the preservation of the forest. Mobilizing people to create an…...read more

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These smiles make us proud of our values and our results in the field. They give us hope and optimism in this disruptive world. They encourage us to face new challenges that will help reduce poverty and its blatant consequences today. Agrisud International teams wish you a very beautiful year 2017!...read more

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Marielle Court, a reporter for environmental and climate issues at Le Figaro, traveled to Madagascar to visit the site of the Holistic Forest Conservation Program (PHCF), a program jointly led by Etc Terra, WWF and Agrisud International. During her visits to the field, she met Thierry Duplan, our project manager. Deforestation is a major problem in Madagascar, whose forests and its biodiversity are dramatically disappearing. Several actions are being taken within this project, which aims to reconcile forest conservation and…...read more

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