Local Economy against Poverty

Seven organizations * of the initiatives Group operating in Madagascar produced a note to testify to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis in their work area. Written on the basis of a collection of around fifty testimonies from producers, project managers, managers of professional organizations, entrepreneurs and managers of technical services, members of local authorities and residents of neighborhoods, the present note has the simple ambition of bringing an empirical light and raising a certain number of questions and reflections…...read more

For the past two years, the Agrisud Board of Directors and the General Management team have been working on the perspectives of the NGO and the evolution of its governance. This led to the election of Joël Lebreton as Chairman last September. Today, Elphège Ghestem-Zahir is appointed Managing Director. Yvonnick Huet hands over to Elphège after having managed Agrisud for 28 years, "the small NGO of a great cause" which he helped to create in 1992 alongside Jacques Baratier, and develop…...read more

The shock caused by the Coronavirus pandemic turns out to be unprecedented in magnitude and seems to be growing day after day as record disruptions are witnessed. These disruptions affect the agriculture and food sector and raise concerns about global food security, while highlighting the structural weaknesses of food systems – these rules and methods of organization that should guarantee food and nutritional security for the population. Such situation highlights the urgent need to make these systems more resilient, more…...read more

Les 13 organisations du Groupe Initiatives dont Agrisud est membre, se concertent régulièrement depuis le début de la crise du Covid-19 pour faire face, ensemble, aux impacts générés ici et là-bas. Cette synergie leur permet d'élaborer un positionnement commun envers leurs partenaires, d'être force de proposition vis-à-vis des problématiques rencontrées et d'appuyer Coordination Sud dans ses actions auprès des pouvoirs publics. . "Le COVID-19 nous éclaire de manière tragique et immédiate sur la communauté de nos destins. Nous sommes tous des…...read more

The current pandemic is causing difficulties in terms of supply and/or disposal of products. Since the beginning of this crisis, family farms supported by Agrisud, especially in Brazil and Cambodia, have implemented alternatives to their usual marketing methods. The goal: meet the food needs of populations with healthy products. . In Brazil, the Ecoverde cooperative uses WhatsApp to deliver baskets of agro-ecological products Farmers of the Ecoverde cooperative, located in São Paulo, usually sell their products on food markets or…...read more

Agroecology is a set of agricultural models whose principles and practices can create resilient systems, reducing the vulnerability of populations and enhancing local production. The guide "Agroecology best practices", published by Agrisud, provides the knowledge for the implementation of these systems. A new version of this guide* is now available, ten years after the release of its first edition. . Updated knowledge to better promote agroecology The update of the guide "Agroecology best practices"*, published for the first time in 2010,  has…...read more

This odd time that we are currently experiencing disrupts our usual activities in relation to this ever growing pandemic. In this context, our action of international solidarity is more useful than ever because, beyond the health aspect, the economic and social impact will be highly significant. . A reorganization that takes into account the situation in each country The 14 countries in which we operate are not spared, each at different levels. From Haiti to Vietnam via Senegal, Morocco or Madagascar,…...read more

Le projet « Renforcement des filières locales d’approvisionnement en produits frais » issu du partenariat entre Agrisud et le Club Med au Sénégal vient de fêter ses 10 ans. Une journée de célébration a été organisée à Cap Skirring avec toutes les parties prenantes* pour revenir sur le succès de cette collaboration ONG-entreprise au profit du développement local. *le Club Med, le village Club Med de Cap Skirring, les productrices, le Centre de Promotion Agricole et Sociale de Diembéring (CPAS), Agrisud et…...read more

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