Local Economy against Poverty

AGRISUD, AVSF, CARI and GRET come to form a working group on agroecological transition. With research and based on the experience of each this group will conduct validation work conditions for the success of agroecological transitions for family farming, and evaluation of their effects and impact. Through these analyzed experiences and lessons learned, he wants to bring a unique voice and a greater capacity for political dialogue to strengthen advocacy on agroecology at national and international level. An action-research initiative…...read more

On November 5, 2015, Agrisud International organized a conference on the theme "Climate-Migration: global problem, local solutions," which has allowed, during a debate involving climate experts, agriculture and of employment, to draw up an alarming picture of the prospective economic and climatic migration by 2050 and the effects of climate change in the South. Faced with these worrying phenomena, Agrisud has shown that solutions exist, that empower the people of southern and stabilize in rural areas. Hosted by Robert Lion,…...read more

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Interview by Agnès Weil, Director of Sustainable Development and Philanthropy Club Méditerranée, General Delegate of Club Méditerranée Corporate Foundation, about the partnership with International Agrisud Since 2008, Club Med has signed a partnership with Agrisud to intervene around its villages to structure and professionalize the supply of small producers of proximity and thus participate in their output insecurity and support the local economy. Agrisud and Club Med have created 239 TPE in four countries (Morocco, Brazil, Senegal, Bali): these small…...read more

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The Agricultural Investment Development Project in Gabon (Prodiag), led by the Gabonese Development Support Institute (IGAD), is one of the strong links of this new strategy. Article published in Gabon Review by David Makoumba Dissumba Wednesday, September 2, 2015....read more

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On the Platform Alimenterre from CFSI, Elphège Ghestem, Assistant Director of Operations Agrisud testifies on actions taken to Morocco, where she lives, and in West Africa. http://www.alimenterre.org/ressource/connecter-exploitations-familiales-agroecologiques-aux-marches-porteurs...read more

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Several international solidarity volunteers are active on development projects implemented by Agrisud in the southern countries, made available by France Volunteer and IFAID. The two articles below describe the activities of two post volunteers in Laos and Senegal. Maxime inLaos : http://www.projetweejack.com/wordpress/agrisud-et-maxime-preservent-les-sols-du-laos/#more-70 Adrien in Sénégal : http://www.reseau-espaces-volontariats.org/Zoom-sur-le-Projet-de...read more

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Yvonnick HUET, the CEO of Agrisud speaks of agroecology ......read more

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Since 2004, Agrisud International and Moroccan partners - ORMVAO, Amaid and Coeur de Palmier - helping small family farms in the oasis of southern Morocco for sustained improvement activities,technical mastery, maintaining productive natural resources, economic control and generationstable income, integration into the working environment. More than 400 farmers have been supported in gardening, olive culture and small livestock (sheep, rabbits and bees). This Agrisud and its partners support has been possible thanks to the support of many Moroccan and French organizations : Regional Council of Aquitaine, Mutual Moroccan national Rotary Club of Casablanca, Caisse des Dépôts, CFSI, Naturex Foundation, MC ² Partner / In extenso, Accor Group,Lion's Club Vimy Water Without Borders, Lerichemont Company. The film was made at the end of 2012 by Madeleine Caillard (www.madetcat.net). It shows thediversity of activities undertaken to enable people in a precarious situation to become trueentrepreneurs....read more

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Mahavotra - Agroécologie et foresterie paysannes à Madagascar - Projet pilote d'évaluation de l'empreinte carbone du changement des pratiques agricoles. Un projet de la fondation GoodPlanet mené conjointement avec les associations Agrisud International et EtcTerra....read more

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