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"A Shared Ethic" The new Ethics Charter of Coordination Sud and its members was adopted at the General Assembly last June. Agrisud, a member of Coordination Sud for almost 20 years, has signed this charter. Resulting from a collective and participative work, this text is basically the foundation of the trusty relations between Coordination Sud and its members, and their stakeholders. Affirming a shared vision: where everyone is mobilized to promote a world without poverty, without inequalities and without injustices;…...read more

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(Français) Agrisud était présent à la COP24 qui s’est déroulée à Katowice (Pologne) en décembre dernier. Retour sur cet événement et sur le rôle de l’agro-écologie face au changement climatique. Négociations sur les accords de Paris et rôle de l’agriculture Les Etats s’intéressent de plus en plus à l’agriculture comme une des solutions au changement climatique. La preuve en est qu’elle intègre progressivement les négociations sur différentes thématiques : Adaptation de l’agriculture, de l’élevage Séquestration du carbone dans les sols agricoles…...read more

Minister of Agriculture and Livestock and Deputy Minister visiting IGAD. On June 13 and 14, IGAD, the Gabonese Institute for Development Support, celebrated its 25th anniversary. The event took place in 2 stages, firstly a visit of the PRODIAG*'s recent achievements around Libreville, and then the celebration itself of the 25th anniversary, during which Medals of Gabonese Agricultural Merit were awarded to the oldest farmers and Labor Medals to several IGAD officers. Visit of the PRODIAG achievements in the Estuary…...read more

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"All committed to undertake against poverty " Experts in their field and carried by common values, our teams demonstrate their daily commitment. Discover Louis-Etienne, our representative in Senegal....read more

Agrisud moderated in October 2016 a training initiated by the ssociation Le CARI. Entitled "From Territorial Planning to Field Actions" it took place at CIHEAM¹ in Montpellier. Organized as part of of the Working Group on Desertification (GTD), it meets the its members' expectations: to master methods and tools to support the agroecological transition of territories. Ability to plan and manage agroecological transition territories Agroecological transition territories is a central point to promote food security in developing countries. Two GTD publications…...read more

This welcome initiative, led by Cécile Bruère and people motivated by the arrival of a new age in agriculture, just extend the pilot actions carried out by Agrisud on this territory since 2012, in particular the project "Ruche du Médoc" (Hive Médoc). The association aims to support and develop the activity test based on an agricultural activity. It accompanies people in their professionalization process and their integration into the territory according to the specificities of each project promoter. It is particularly aimed…...read more

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A young farmer like no other... After accompanying many families of small farmers in Haiti, Madagascar, Niger, or in DR Congo... Ivonig Caillaud wanted to undertake in his turn. He settled on the island of Ré to realize his project and concurrently continues his missions for Agrisud International. Local newspaper "Le Tambour d'Ars" followed him for a year: Read the article (in French)...read more

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"All committed to undertake against poverty " Experts in their field and carried by common values, our teams demonstrate their daily commitment. Discover Picheth Seng, our representative in Cambodia....read more

AGRISUD, AVSF, CARI and GRET come to form a working group on agroecological transition. With research and based on the experience of each this group will conduct validation work conditions for the success of agroecological transitions for family farming, and evaluation of their effects and impact. Through these analyzed experiences and lessons learned, he wants to bring a unique voice and a greater capacity for political dialogue to strengthen advocacy on agroecology at national and international level. An action-research initiative…...read more

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