Local Economy against Poverty

The photo exhibition titled "Sustainable food system in the Hoàng Liên National Park” aims to raise awareness among local stakeholders about the challenges of sustainable consumption. Shown on the 29th of October of 2020, this exhibition is the first highlight of a series of events organized by Agrisud as part of the ALIMENTERRE international Festival. . See the panels of the photo exhibition . Promoting local expertise and raising awareness. A hundred people, mainly farmers, representatives of local authorities and associations, attended…...read more

The Hoàng Liên Cooperative, supported by Agrisud and its partners as a part of the IDEAS* project, has just been launched. Its members, all of them coming from ethnic minorities living in the Hoàng Liên National Park (HLNP), aim to highlight their expertise and to promote local products with a sustainable development approach. . Inauguration of a local and agroecological products’ concept-store within the HLNP After a year of work and learning, the 14 members of the Hoàng Liên Cooperative…...read more

From October 15th to November 30rd will take place the ALIMENTERRE Festival, coordinated by the Comité Français pour la Solidarité Internationale (CFSI) of which Agrisud is a member. Each year, this festival aims to raise citizens' awareness of agricultural and food issues, in France and around the world, and to promote sustainable and fair food systems. Today's crisis highlight the vulnerability of our food systems. However, solutions exist to produce and consume sustainably, it is high time to consider them and to…...read more

For the past two years, the Agrisud Board of Directors and the General Management team have been working on the perspectives of the NGO and the evolution of its governance. This led to the election of Joël Lebreton as Chairman last September. Today, Elphège Ghestem-Zahir is appointed Managing Director. Yvonnick Huet hands over to Elphège after having managed Agrisud for 28 years, "the small NGO of a great cause" which he helped to create in 1992 alongside Jacques Baratier, and develop…...read more

This odd time that we are currently experiencing disrupts our usual activities in relation to this ever growing pandemic. In this context, our action of international solidarity is more useful than ever because, beyond the health aspect, the economic and social impact will be highly significant. . A reorganization that takes into account the situation in each country The 14 countries in which we operate are not spared, each at different levels. From Haiti to Vietnam via Senegal, Morocco or Madagascar,…...read more

Agrisud and the French Development Agency co-organised on the 29th of January in Paris an event to celebrate the release of the handbook “Agriculture & Dynamics of the territories”. A video presentation of the « territory » approach of Agrisud introduced two round tables where many figures (public authorities, companies, civil society…) described the principles of its implementation and highlighted the importance of this approach according to different points of view. . The « territory » approach of Agrisud formalized…...read more

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As a part of the AGRITER program, Agrisud releases its handbook « Agriculture & Dynamics of the Territories » Coming from a work of capitalization of Agrisud’s experiences with its stakeholders, this handbook presents the methods and tools of the territorial approach applied to the agricultural sector, with the dual objective of influencing the decision-makers and empowering field stakeholders. On the occasion of the release of its handbook, an event is organized by Agrisud and the FDA, on Wednesday, 29th of…...read more

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Initiée il y a 4 ans avec tout juste une dizaine de stands, la foire agricole qui s’est tenue à Siem Reap du 21 au 24 novembre 2019 compte aujourd’hui pas moins de 150 stands. Inaugurée par le Ministre du Commerce lui-même, de nombreux responsables de l’administration provinciale et des partenaires associés à ce projet sont également présents : le président du Département des Hauts-de Seine et sa délégation, la directrice de l’AFD, les responsables d’Agrisud et du Gret, et bien…...read more

Civil society made its voice heard at COP14. After having participated actively in several sessions, side-events and round tables, Patrice Burger, President of CARI and member of the Board of Agrisud, read the last statement of CSO: . Listen to Patrice Burger reading the CSO Final Declaration (audio in french): [audio mp3="http://www.agrisud.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/AUDIO-2019-09-12-13-40-18-copie.mp3"][/audio] . Read the CSO Final Declaration: "Mr Chair, Over the past two weeks, the representatives of the 1000 registered CSOs have actively and passionately participated in all stages…...read more

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