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05/28/2018 inAgrisud’s, Event, Illustrate

(Français) L’Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD) a célébré en mai ses 70 ans de présence à Madagascar. Une série d’événements a été organisée pour l’occasion à Antananarivo en partenariat avec le ministère malgache de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche scientifique (MESUPRES). Agrisud, un des principaux promoteurs de l’agroécologie à Madagascar, a été sollicitée pour intervenir à 2 tables-rondes sur les grands enjeux globaux et nationaux de l’agriculture. . Agroécologie : produire plus et mieux Comme toute innovation dans… more

03/16/2018 inAgrisud’s, Event, Illustrate

Agrisud attended the Paris International Agricultural Show, which took place this year from February 24th to March 4th, to speak about agro-ecological transitions and to promote its crowdfunding project. . AFD-CIRAD conference: "Agroecology: a solution for the agricultural transition in the global South?" The two institutions have collaborated to inform the public on the issue of agroecology in the countries of the South, and how it changes our approach to agriculture in the North as in the South. Agrisud and its… more

01/26/2018 inAgrisud’s, Event, Illustrate

(Français) Le Groupe de travail sur les transitions agroécologiques (GTAE) composé d’Agrisud, d’AVSF, du CARI et du Gret, a organisé les 14 et 15 décembre 2017 un atelier d’échanges et de co-construction pour élaborer une méthode et des outils d’évaluation communs des pratiques agroécologiques. L’événement, qui a bénéficié du soutien de l’AFD* et du FFEM**, s’est déroulé à la Cité du développement durable à Nogent-sur-Marne et a accueilli plus d’une centaine d’acteurs engagés dans la promotion de l’agroécologie. Un atelier… more

12/13/2017 inAgrisud’s, Event, Illustrate

Despite distance, Agrisud field teams celebrate this anniversary In this video, discover the message they share with everyone who wishes to celebrate this event with us. Since 1992, their commitment has supported 60,000 Very Small Family Farms, representing 560,000 people out of poverty. I support the Agrisud teams to continue their more

09/25/2017 inAgrisud’s, Event, Illustrate

The International Water and Climate Workshop brought together 220 participants, students, professionals and decision makers in the field of water, biodiversity, cooperation or territorial development. This event, organized by the Water Agency Seine-Normandy, the French Development Agency (AFD) and their partners, was held in Paris on September 20th, 21st and 22nd 2017. During three days, many contributors presented their current and future project to provide solutions: To mitigate coastal erosion To prevent flooding To fight against drought and soil erosion in agriculture… more

09/18/2017 inAgrisud’s, Event, Illustrate

From September 11th to 13th 2017, the annual meeting of non-state actors involved in the fight against climate change was held in Agadir, Morocco. During 3 days, debates, conferences and workshops covered different topics: agriculture, sustainable housing, financing, forest and biodiversity, energy, mobility and transport ... Agrisud and the Norsys Foundation testified about concrete solutions they implement in the agricultural sector to strengthen the resilience of family farms. During the workshop organized by the association "la Voûte Nubienne", other actors shared… more

Last December, Agrisud International and its partners (AIM1, CIRAD2, MPE3) organized the launch of new product sales in several markets in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. The purpose of this operation was to promote the products of agroecology. Agroecology to "Feed the capital" Urban and peri-urban agricultural activity in Antananarivo is important and contributes in supplying the city. However, production conditions are precarious and trade chains are rarely organized. The ASA (Agro-Silviculture around Antananarivo) program, funded mainly by the European Union,… more

11/15/2016 inAgrisud’s, Event, Illustrate

On Tuesday, November 14th, oasis and sustainable development were discussed at COP22. On this occasion, Agrisud International hosted the "Oasis and Drylands" stand where they experienced a record crowd. Our Assistant Director of Operations Elphège Ghestem-Zahir was the moderator of a workshop on "better living in the oasis" to which Marc Gastambide, a member of Agrisud International board of  directors, attended. Finally, Yvonnick Huet, our Manging Director, attended the launch of the Moroccan initiative "Sustainable Oasis". more

11/15/2016 inAgrisud’s, Event, Illustrate

Sunday, November 13th "Mobilization of hoteliers in the face of climate disruptions: exchanges around the establishment of eco-responsible supply chains" We organized and hosted this side event which provided a forum for exchanges between: hoteliers-restaurateurs, producers of Asni and the palm grove of Marrakech and development support structures (Agrisud, Norsys Foundation,  Mohammed VI Foundation for environmental protection). The interest of a multi-stakeholder mobilization has been highlighted in order to succeed in these initiatives to set up supply chains. The producers have… more

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