Local Economy against Poverty

September / October 2018 in Bordeaux, Poitiers, La Rochelle and Limoges This exhibition, organized on the occasion of Agrisud and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region 10 years of partnership in Madagascar, is the first highlight of a month dedicated to cooperation between the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region and the Itasy Region (in Madagascar). Based on Pierre-William Henry photographic work and the collaboration with CEAS, Swiss partner of Agrisud, this exhibition illustrates the Mahavotra program: professionalization of agriculture and agro-ecological transition in Itasy. This program, carried out as part…...read more

L’aide publique au développement, nationale ou multilatérale, affiche un sérieux point faible : elle a trop longtemps fait de l’agriculture son parent pauvre. Ce désintérêt a deux raisons : la culture consensuelle qui oriente l'aide reflète le modèle de développement industriel qui a longtemps prévalu dans les pays occidentaux ; à l’autre bout de la chaîne, dans les pays du Sud, les Etats ne regardent quasiment jamais le soutien de leur agriculture comme une priorité. Elle est loin l’époque de Robert…...read more

07/31/2017 inPresse release

Coordination Sud issued a press release following the announcement by the FrenchPresident to increase the share of Gross National Income (GNI) devoted to Official Development Assistance to reach 0.55% by 2022. If Coordination SUD welcomes positively this announcement, she recalls that France had committed to reach 0.7%. In addition, Coordination SUD raises the question of the consistency between this announcement and the cancellations announced at the same time by the Minister of Action and Public Accounts. Download the press release (in…...read more

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