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The 13 organizations from the “Groupe Initiatives” of which Agrisud is part, have consulted regularly since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, to face, together, the impacts generated here and there. This synergy allows them to elaborate a mutual positioning towards their stakeholders, in order to propose solutions to face challenges and to support Coordination Sud in its actions with public authorities. . "Covid-19 is tragically and immediately giving us information on our future community. We are all world citizens…...read more

The current pandemic is causing difficulties in terms of supply and/or disposal of products. Since the beginning of this crisis, family farms supported by Agrisud, especially in Brazil and Cambodia, have implemented alternatives to their usual marketing methods. The goal: meet the food needs of populations with healthy products. . In Brazil, the Ecoverde cooperative uses WhatsApp to deliver baskets of agro-ecological products Farmers of the Ecoverde cooperative, located in São Paulo, usually sell their products on food markets or…...read more

Agroecology is a set of agricultural models whose principles and practices can create resilient systems, reducing the vulnerability of populations and enhancing local production. The guide "Agroecology best practices", published by Agrisud, provides the knowledge for the implementation of these systems. A new version of this guide* is now available, ten years after the release of its first edition. . Updated knowledge to better promote agroecology The update of the guide "Agroecology best practices"*, published for the first time in 2010,  has…...read more

This odd time that we are currently experiencing disrupts our usual activities in relation to this ever growing pandemic. In this context, our action of international solidarity is more useful than ever because, beyond the health aspect, the economic and social impact will be highly significant. . A reorganization that takes into account the situation in each country The 14 countries in which we operate are not spared, each at different levels. From Haiti to Vietnam via Senegal, Morocco or Madagascar,…...read more

The project titled “Reinforcing local supply value-chains of fresh products” coming from the collaboration between Agrisud and Club Med in Senegal, has just celebrated its 10 years of existence. A day of celebration took place at Cap Skirring with all stakeholders in order to exchange on the success of this NGO-company collaboration for the benefit of local development. *Club Med, the Club Med village of Cap Skirring, female producers, the Center of Agricultural and Social Promotion of Diembering (CASP), Agrisud…...read more

Agrisud and the French Development Agency co-organised on the 29th of January in Paris an event to celebrate the release of the handbook “Agriculture & Dynamics of the territories”. A video presentation of the « territory » approach of Agrisud introduced two round tables where many figures (public authorities, companies, civil society…) described the principles of its implementation and highlighted the importance of this approach according to different points of view. . The « territory » approach of Agrisud formalized…...read more

The new Agrisud International guide "Agriculture and Dynamics of the territories" has just been published. It presents the knowledge acquired on the territorial approach in the agricultural sector. The double goal of this guide is to equip the stakeholders in the field and to provide guidance for decision-makers. . Sustainable agriculture is not just about farms! Improving the performance of agricultural systems and the living conditions of producers are often approached from the perspective of farm-centered support. But this is not enough…...read more

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As a part of the AGRITER program, Agrisud releases its handbook « Agriculture & Dynamics of the Territories » Coming from a work of capitalization of Agrisud’s experiences with its stakeholders, this handbook presents the methods and tools of the territorial approach applied to the agricultural sector, with the dual objective of influencing the decision-makers and empowering field stakeholders. On the occasion of the release of its handbook, an event is organized by Agrisud and the FDA, on Wednesday, 29th of…...read more

Le projet Professionnalisation des Filières Agricoles Périurbaines d'Antananarivo Nord (PROFAPAN), mis en œuvre par Agrisud et AIM* à Madagascar s’est clôturé en septembre 2019. Au-delà de la diffusion des pratiques agro-écologiques, il a initié une démarche innovante pour commercialiser et valoriser les productions, en s'inspirant des Systèmes Participatifs de Garantie (SPG). . Assurer la traçabilité et la qualité des produits agro-écologiques par un Système Participatif de Garantie Dans une logique de connexion des exploitations agricoles en zone péri-urbaine aux marchés…...read more

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