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07/27/2007 inRead and Watch, Agrisud’s

Son récent entretien avec Alain Ribet d'Objectif Aquitaine - mai 2007 (jba_obj_aquit). Son ouvrage publié en mars 2005 : L'ENTREPRISE CONTRE LA PAUVRETE Jacques Baratier Préface de Jean-Claude Guillebaud Un dirigeant d'entreprise engagé contre la pauvreté. Jacques Baratier nous rappelle que la vocation de l'entreprise est de libérer l'homme de la pauvreté et d'assurer son développement en créant des richesses. Quatre années de lutte contre l'oppression nazie, quarante de management d'entreprises, vingt consacrées à lutter contre la pauvreté grâce à…...read more

Cambodia : Gérard Klein, renowned journalist, films Agrisud operations. The documentary is part of the initiative launched by Gérard “Encouraging people to help people” aimed at building ties between donors and solidarity associations (see: gerardklein.org). The film will be online on his website shortly....read more

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On April 21, the Mohamed V Solidarity Foundation and Agrisud co-organized a roundtable on the subject : « steering sustainable socio-economic development with small-holder enterprises». The event was set-up on the occasion of the Meknes Agricultural Fair....read more

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Agrisud launched the « Tayouga project» in Morocco to support the professional integration of handicapped youth in the Ouarzazate et Zagora regions. The program will be run with the Moroccan association Horizon. It aims to create sustainable small-holder enterprises well-rooted in the local socio-economic fabric. The “Tayouga project” is part of the Moroccan Concerted Program which provides the co-funding....read more

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Launch of the agricultural development program: promoting the Mekong canals, Kandal Province. The objective is poverty alleviation and improved food security for 600 families. The operation is run by the Cambodian NGOs AgriCam (Agrisud’s prime partner) and KOSAN Engineering. The funding is provided by The Asian Bank of Development and the French development agency...read more

01/27/2007 inAgrisud’s, Field news

Launch of the « Lumaum program»: development of farming activities, Cubal, Bengula Province. The objective is poverty alleviation and enhanced food security for 1,000 families severely affected by 20 years of civil war. The program is co-funded by European Union and Agrisud....read more

01/27/2007 inAgrisud’s, Field news

Launch of the « SADEL program »: economic development, Dosso, Tahoua and Diffa Regions. Co-funded by European Union and Agrisud, the program’s objective is poverty alleviation and enhanced food security for 1,200 families severely affected by recurrent food crisis. Agrisud’s operational partners are 2 local NGO’s: RAIL-Niger and EAN, as well as AFVP....read more

12/27/2006 inAgrisud’s, Field news

December 2006 : four agents of the Saint Denis de l'Hôtel dairy went to Cambodia to visit the projects of Agrisud, and more particularly the project of Phnom Prasat, than this French agro-alimentary company supports since the end of 2004. On her return, the delegation could testify to the implication of the company and her personnel in this action of solidarity....read more

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