Local Economy against Poverty

01/27/2007 inAgrisud’s, Field news

Launch of the « SADEL program »: economic development, Dosso, Tahoua and Diffa Regions. Co-funded by European Union and Agrisud, the program’s objective is poverty alleviation and enhanced food security for 1,200 families severely affected by recurrent food crisis. Agrisud’s operational partners are 2 local NGO’s: RAIL-Niger and EAN, as well as AFVP....read more

12/27/2006 inAgrisud’s, Field news

December 2006 : four agents of the Saint Denis de l'Hôtel dairy went to Cambodia to visit the projects of Agrisud, and more particularly the project of Phnom Prasat, than this French agro-alimentary company supports since the end of 2004. On her return, the delegation could testify to the implication of the company and her personnel in this action of solidarity....read more

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