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09/27/2008 inAgrisud’s, Field news

Eradiquer la malnutrition par François Danel (Directeur Général d'Action Contre la Faim), Yvonnick Huet (Directeur Général d'Agrisud International) et Philippe Levêque (Directeur de Care France) Alors que s'ouvre la session plénière de l'ONU dédiée à l'examen de l'avancée des Objectifs du millénaire pour le développement (OMD), il est désormais clair que la situation socio-économique d'une partie croissante de la population mondiale empire. Les chiffres de l'Organisation des Nations unies pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture (FAO) l'attestent : "Le nombre de personnes…...read more

09/27/2008 inAgrisud’s

Agrisud team comes together in Millancay, France Over thirty project coordinators and partners of Agrisud from nine countries participated in an internal seminar for three days in Sainte Marthe, a pilot European organic farm managed by Philippe Desbrosses. The objective of the meeting was to exhange experiences within the Agrisud network, and more specifically, share the achievements related to eco-farming as well as partnerships with the NGOs from the South. The presence of over ten local partners of Agrisud helped…...read more

07/27/2008 inAgrisud’s, Field news

Agrisud has launched two new developement programs in Madagascar Professionalising agricultural activity in the Itasy Region. The objective is to implement training and professionalisation actions to help improve sustainable production. The Aquitaine Region provides the project with financial and institutional support within the framework of decentralized cooperation with the Itasy Region. Periurban agricultural in Antanarivo. The program is aimed at developing urban and periurban farming systems to improve the supply of fruits and vegetables in the markets of the capital. The project…...read more

05/27/2008 inRead and Watch, Agrisud’s

Agrisud organised a training session in Dosso, Niger, from May 12 to May 23 covering issues related to sustainable economic development of small-holder enterprises. The participants included 7 NGOs and 2 farmer organisations from Burkina Faso, Benin and Niger. The capacity building program reinforced competencies in the areas of: project diagnosis and definition, implementation and assessment, capitalisation and communication. Following the training, the 9 organisations joined Agrisud’s network that promotes knowledge sharing and cooperation in sustainable development....read more

04/27/2008 inAgrisud’s, Field news

By Robert Lion, chairman, and Stéphane Hessel, board member  Published in Le Monde on April 23 2008 The food crisis faced by the poor countries reveals the degradation of a long standing dramatic situation: over 1 billion people in Africa, Latin America and South Asia suffer from severe malnutrition. Feeding themselves once or twice a day with a few hundred calories is their prime preoccupation every single day. The causes of this deterioration have been widely explained. Yet, one important…...read more

03/27/2008 inAgrisud’s, Field news

Since 2005, Agrisud and the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation have been supporting 140 farmers in diversifying their activity through aromatic plants in Northern India (Sahaspur block, Dehra Dun district, Uttarakhand State). With the help of a local NGO partner, the Himalayan Action Research Centre, these farmers now produce and transform lemon grass in a common distillery, and market this essential oil locally. These farmers are now officially a « farmers’ company » known as «Pachava Dun agri & aromatics producers». Their…...read more

02/27/2008 inAgrisud’s, Field news

Le 15 février dernier, l’extension du périmètre maraîcher de Hart Chaou a été inauguré en présence des partenaires : Exploitant(e)s et ADL du douar (le village), CMV et ORMVAO (Office Régional de Mise en Valeur Agricole de Ouarzazate), Eau Sans Frontières, Rotary Club de Casablanca et Rotary Club de Cergy, Association Marocaine d’Appui aux Initiatives de Développement - AMAID et AGRISUD International. Cette initiative répond à un besoin des populations de la zone. Le douar Hart Chaou, situé dans la palmeraie de…...read more

01/27/2008 inAgrisud’s, Field news

Après une première session de formation des cadres de la Fondation Mohammed V pour la solidarité, une deuxième session du cycle d’apprentissage d’Agrisud vient de se terminer en janvier 2008 au bénéfice de 11 associations partenaires de la Fondation. Rappelons que depuis la fin 2006, Agrisud met en œuvre pour cette importante Fondation marocaines une série de cycles d’apprentissage au bénéfice de ses cadres et partenaires associatifs impliqués dans les actions de solidarité. L’objectif : leur transférer les savoir-faire et…...read more

10/27/2007 inAgrisud’s, Field news

Launch of the sustainable agriculture program in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The project aims to alleviate poverty in the Kimpese and Mbanza Ngungu rural areas and improve food security in Kinshasa.1.000 families are directly concerned. Their farming production (market gardening, food crops, animal husbandry) is expected to steadily increase over time. Funded by the European Union and private donors. Partner : Centre Agronomique et Vétérinaire Tropical de Kinshasa (CAVTK)....read more

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