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10/27/2009 inAgrisud’s, Field news

PARTNER MC2 the first accounting firm in northern France, is rallying alongside Agrisud to support the creation of very small enterprise in southern Morocco. Project overview...read more

09/27/2009 inAgrisud’s, Field news

The September 21 a new session of the Agrisud Capacity Building program was held for 12 days in Madagascar, in the region Itasy. Remember that this cycle is dedicated to local organizations (NGOs, associations, groups ...) in charge of development programs. This applied training helps strengthen the skills of these organizations by transferring expertise necessary to implement sustainable development programs focused on very small enterprises (VSE). New Malagasy NGO, working for the economic development of countries participating in this training:…...read more

06/27/2009 inAgrisud’s, Field news

Since July 2008, Agrisud involved in the Itasy Region in Madagascar, through co-financing by the Region Aquitaine, in the framework of decentralized cooperation with the Region Itasy. One year after the action started, the farmers who are involved in the project "support the professionalisation of agriculture in the region Itasy" received the French ambassador, Jean Marc Chataigner, accompanied by the Regional Delegate for European and International Affairs for the Aquitaine Region, Laurent Rey Lescure, and Guillaume Debrie, the desk officer…...read more

03/27/2009 inRead and Watch, Agrisud’s

Partnership Agrisud - Club Med A partnership agreement was signed between the Club Méditéranée and Agrisud to play an active role in the economic development of regions where it operates. This partnership aims to promote economic and social link between the Club Med villages and their environment, through support for the creation of very small businesses sustainable and close to Club Med villages in the South. Read the press release...read more

03/27/2009 inRead and Watch, Agrisud’s

Agrisud participates to the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul. For the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul, the Think tank (re)sources opens the discussion on the following question: what is the link between food security and access to water and sanitation? Given that the world population will increase and reach over 9 billion people in 2050, it is urgent to anticipate the consequences in terms of urban pressure and increase in food needs. The use of irrigation water is…...read more

12/27/2008 inAgrisud’s, Field news

One session of the Agrisud Capacity Building Program for NGOs was held in Battambang (northern Cambodia). With the support of AGRICAM, Agrisud NGO partner in Cambodia, this session was attended by 11 Cambodian NGOs, one Indian NGO and one Sri Lankan, all working in development and involved in support the creation of Very Small Enterprises (TPE) or income-generating activities (AGR). During 12 days, 19 participants have worked and discussed the methods and diagnostic tools for identifying and planning an action, as well…...read more

11/24/2008 inAgrisud’s

Robert Lion, Chairman of Agrisud, was elected President of the Board of Directors ofGreenpeace France on November 24. Sylvain Breuzard, Director of the Board of Agrisud, corporate manager and former chairman of Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants, was also elected to Greenpeace France’s Board of Directos. Robert Lion will remain Chairman of Agrisud International....read more

11/19/2008 inAgrisud’s, Field news

During the National Week of International Solidarity in France, the Aquitaine Region organized a Development and Solidarity day on November 19. The highlight of the day was the inauguration of Reza’s photo exhibition covering Agrisud’s operation in the Draa and Dades Valleys in Morocco. The program “Food security and fighting poverty in the Draa and Dades Valleys” was conducted in cooperation with AMAID, a Moroccan association. It was the result of decentralized cooperation between the Aquitaine Region and the Souss Massa Drâa…...read more

10/27/2008 inAgrisud’s, Field news

Agrisud, GoodPlanet.org and WWF France reinforce their environmental action in partnership with the financial community. [caption id="attachment_1971" align="alignright" width="200"] 3 N.G.Os. CEO : Yann Arthus-Bertrand (GoodPlanet), Daniel Richard (WWF France), Robert Lion (Agrisud International)[/caption] NYSE Euronext* and BNP Paribas announced the launch of the Low Carbon 100 Europe® Index** in partnership with the N.G.Os. This index identifies and measures the performance of 100 largest European companies with the lowest carbon footprint in their respective sectors: on average, their carbon missions are…...read more

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