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The 2013 Agrisud activity report is online. You will be able to find key data about our activities and a description of our various field operations. In 2013, with the support of their partners in the field, Agrisud led 42 development programs in 18 countries: 3,600 new family farms were launched, bringing to 41,000 the number of very small enterprises (VSEs) created since 1992. For the single year 2013, the VSEs produced 252,000 tons of food and generated 58 million…...read more

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For a traditional hive spring means the resumption of activities during the awakening of nature. Therefore, things are also progressing for the project the Medoc Hive. A first spot has been identified to experience the operation of the Medoc Hive. Its owner is already renting plots of land to a truck-farmer who has been developing its activity for two years. For the project the proximity with this truck-farmer is crucial. We can now initiate the project’s supporting process thanks to…...read more

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During the 2014 SIAM* edition, the Morocan Crédit Agricole Group invited Agrisud to host a conference. The NGO had, therefore, the opportunity to present 10 years of action, in partnership with ORMVAO, the Regional Office of Agricultural Development of Ouarzazate, in favor of family farming. Because of the difficult Oasis context, family farming faces three major challenges: ensuring food security for its people, fighting against insecurity through its producers’ improved socio-professional integration and sustainably managing natural resources, especially soil, water…...read more

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This UN initiative’s aim is to improve the image of small and family farming. The objectives are to focus the world’s attention on their contribution to the eradication of poverty and hunger but also the improvement of food security, nutrition and livelihood. The topics of natural resources’ management, the protection of environment and sustainable development, especially in rural areas, will also be highlighted. Agrisud has been supporting the development of family farming for over 20 years. This year 2014 will…...read more

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On the occasion of World Food Day, we reaffirm that all of us at Agrisud, do not accept the idea that today nearly one and a half billion people can live in a situation of poverty, most often with great difficulty to feed daily. The South and the North, we know that poverty is due in particular to the economic exclusion , for multiple reasons, which itself gradually causes social exclusion. We believe that answers to this situation is to bring these…...read more

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All of Agrisud International's southern and northern teams join together to wish you a very happy new year 2014....read more

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For the third consecutive year, the Association of Friends of Agrisud organized for the benefit of Agrisud an auction of works by contemporary artists. This is Eric Smith, co-chair of Friends of Agrisud, which hosted this event on September 19 in hisown gallery in Paris after meeting forty works by artists and gallery....read more

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Speaking of agroecology is ambiguous and often opposesboth sides. Sometimes presented as a panacea for allproblems, sometimes accused of mystification or archaism, agroecology actually practiced in the world certainly does not deserve this excess of honor or indignity. Quite simply, it exists, and this long andmeaningful way. Who practice theagroecologists be counted byhundreds of millions ratherthan tens, even if some, a few, tend to engageepistemological disputes. A question arises, however, how this silent massproductive and she couldremain visible so little for so long? This book is published by theWorking Group on Desertification, networkhosted by CARI. It is published with the support of the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It can be downloaded in three parts: Part 1 - Why agroecology responds development in arid areas? part 1 Part 2…...read more

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CFSI, which is a member Agrisud, launches its online resource center. The French Committee for International Solidarity launches "Feeding the world with asustainable family farming" (www.alimenterre.org), a resource center collaborative and interactive on agricultural and food issues, to provide relevant information, rich, updated and accessible to all. The resource center is a place to share where everyone can identify and locate a series ofdocuments made available such as studies, testimonials, guides, information on documentary films, means to act together, This ... is also a forum where you can contribute by sharing theirprofessional experiences. A site that focuses on the activities of the three pole Agriculture and Food of CFSI namelydevelopment education, advocacy, and funds to support family farming. The opportunity to praise the actions of members, partners and the various divisions and relay of CFSI andfacilitate trade and proposals involving civil society.…...read more

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