Local Economy against Poverty

03/09/2015 inField news, Illustrate

Since 2009, the Naturex Foundation has been supporting the creation and development of small economic activities in Morocco, carried by young people with disabilities. 10 VSE (Very Small Enterprises) were created and 6 of them are still active today. They enable young people to move from a precarious situation to a situation of autonomy thanks to:  Their new skills which allow them to manage an agricultural activity, technically, economically and financially;  An additional income for their family;  The recognition of…...read more

03/02/2015 inField news, Illustrate

Agrisud accompanied this capacity building project of municipal knowledge concerning land-use development and planning of vulnerable urban areas from 2012 to 2015. The support given by Agrisud was focused on building local skills in terms of assembling, implementing, evaluating, capitalizing development projects and communicating on them (the training was conducted in December 2012). The goal was also to support the assembly process and project implementation on the driver sites (2 in Abidjan and one in Cotonou) and finally to create…...read more

02/06/2015 inField news, Illustrate

The pilot project against the deforestation and degradation of the Miombo forest in the outskirts of Gilé’s national reserve, in the Zambezia province in Mozambique, started in January 2014. This project is a partnership between the IGF Foundation (leader), the organization Etc Terra and Agrisud International. It is run by the Mozambican Ministry of Tourism and is co-financed by the FFM through AFD.   Its component promoting sustainable farming systems as an alternative to deforestation and degradation, is implemented by…...read more

01/21/2015 inField news, Illustrate

Siem Reap and the famous Angkor temples represent a major touristic destination in Cambodia. Tourism and urban growth is accompanied by a strong demand for fresh produce at local markets, far from being satisfied by local producers. The General Council of Hauts-de-Seine and Agrisud International are implementing a major development project for the city that improves the lives of 820 small periurban producers working on the intensification and diversification of production, the promotion of local products, strengthening farmers’ organizations and…...read more

01/21/2015 inField news, Illustrate

January 16, 2015 in Luang Prabang, a ceremony for signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Agrisud International and the Provincial Office of Agriculture and Forestry (PAFO) was held before the representatives of the various administrative offices of the Province and the District of intervention. This ceremony symbolizes the official start of the operational phase of the new project Agrisud Laos "Forestry and Agroecology in mountain areas in northern Laos", whose area of operation is in the District of Viengkham,…...read more

11/25/2014 inField news, Illustrate

A learning cycle for good agroecological practices held in Cap Haitien Haiti from 19 to 26 November 2014. 21 development actors of 8 Member organizations of Haitian civil society and project staff developed by Agrisud in the town of Limbe participated. Some of them wanted to speak through a small film in lieu of testimony....read more

11/24/2014 inField news, Illustrate

Since February 2014, Agrisud International has been working in Bali in the framework of its partnership with the Club Méditerranée and its sustainable development program. The goal of this project is to improve short supply chains and provide new opportunities for local producers in the tourism sector. A pilot group of truck-farmers from the Bukit Sarining Merta organization is guided to produce quality vegetables and fruits through agroecology. Some producers have been practicing conventional farming for two generations, however, they…...read more

10/09/2014 inField news, Illustrate

The organization Pain pour le Prochain had a group working on the topic "Right to Food". Proceeding from its reflections the working group asked Agrisud to conduct a learning cycle in agroecology at the Songhai Center in Porto Novo from the 29th of September to the 4th of October. 12 organizations from Benin, Togo, Niger, Chad and Guinea Bissau and partners of DM Echange et Mission and SECAAR took part in this learning cylcle. During five days, the participants discussed…...read more

08/06/2014 inField news, Illustrate

Since 2013, Agrisud and its Haitian partner Gradimirh have been supporting the project "Sustainable management of Limbé’s watershed and measuring the environmental impact of farming activities  in Northern Haïti". The French Development Agency (AFD) and the Aquitaine Region have been financing this project. Its goal is to sustainably manage and valorize the watershed while taking into account the development of farming sectors and protecting natural resources. With the support of its partners Etc.Terra, the IRD and the State University of…...read more

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