Local Economy against Poverty

04/04/2016 inField news, Illustrate

The Central African Republic has experienced in recent years an unprecedented crisis. The health and economic situation required a strong answer from the international community, with a strong presence of humanitarian and UN agencies, peacekeepers head. Despite a volatile security situation, the situation is now more stable and favorable to the strengthening of the society. With the support of all development actors, the Central African state now wants to enter a process of economic recovery with a medium and long…...read more

The pilot project to reduce Miombo forest deforestation and degradation on the outskirts of the natural reserve of Gilé in Mozambique is going on for the agricultural campaign 2015-2016 with 390 farmers from 8 communities. The agro-ecological intensification is a way to reduce cultivated areas and preserve both production results and agro-biodiversity. Maintaining and improving soil fertility through conservation agriculture allow to cultivate the land for longer periods between fallows. In addition, better management of livestock farming (goats) without wandering,…...read more

10/20/2015 inField news, Illustrate

For the COP 21 to be held in Paris in December 2015, Agrisud International Senegal involved in October 8 conference in Kaolack on "Senegal's commitment to sustainable development." The conference was organized by France Volunteers in Senegal as part of the French Volunteer Day 2015. After a presentation of Senegal's contribution for COP 21 and a presentation of the environmental situation of the country by the former minister of ecology, Mr Haidar El Ali, Agrisud presented the work done in…...read more

09/22/2015 inField news, Illustrate

In 2008, Club Med and Agrisud built a partnership to foster local economic development around the Club Med villages. In mid-2009, Cap Skirring in Senegal was selected as a pilot site to promote the creation of small farms in order to improve the supply of fresh products for the villages and local markets. 6 years later, the partnership proves sucessfull: for the 2014-2015 season, 175 vegetable farmers and their families are helped, revenues are growing steadily, deliveries begin increasingly early,…...read more

04/30/2015 inField news, Illustrate

The promotion of urban and periurban sustainable agriculture project  in 5 pilot municipalities in the District of Abidjan aims to strengthen the capacity of growers to control systems and agro-ecological production practices. This pilot project is being implemented by University Communities with support from Agrisud International, with co-funding from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Social Development Fund - FSD) and the Autonomous District of Abidjan. The project launch ceremony was held April 14 in the conference room of the…...read more

04/01/2015 inField news, Illustrate

Since 10 years, Agrisud International works in Morocco in the Provinces of Ouarzazate, Zagora and Tinghir with the support of the Aquitaine Region (France). The strategy is to support family farms in oasis environment in the implementation of income generating activities (IGA) sustainable. With this experience and results, Agrisud and its partners have decided to write a small booklet for use by association members. The objectif is to share an approach, a method and a key tool to promote IGAs…...read more

03/09/2015 inField news, Illustrate

Since 2009, the Naturex Foundation has been supporting the creation and development of small economic activities in Morocco, carried by young people with disabilities. 10 VSE (Very Small Enterprises) were created and 6 of them are still active today. They enable young people to move from a precarious situation to a situation of autonomy thanks to:  Their new skills which allow them to manage an agricultural activity, technically, economically and financially;  An additional income for their family;  The recognition of…...read more

03/02/2015 inField news, Illustrate

Agrisud accompanied this capacity building project of municipal knowledge concerning land-use development and planning of vulnerable urban areas from 2012 to 2015. The support given by Agrisud was focused on building local skills in terms of assembling, implementing, evaluating, capitalizing development projects and communicating on them (the training was conducted in December 2012). The goal was also to support the assembly process and project implementation on the driver sites (2 in Abidjan and one in Cotonou) and finally to create…...read more

02/06/2015 inField news, Illustrate

The pilot project against the deforestation and degradation of the Miombo forest in the outskirts of Gilé’s national reserve, in the Zambezia province in Mozambique, started in January 2014. This project is a partnership between the IGF Foundation (leader), the organization Etc Terra and Agrisud International. It is run by the Mozambican Ministry of Tourism and is co-financed by the FFM through AFD.   Its component promoting sustainable farming systems as an alternative to deforestation and degradation, is implemented by…...read more

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