Local Economy against Poverty

After Hurricane Matthew, Agrisud started a project in January 2017 in southern Haiti with its local partner Gradimirh. The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region is backing this project which aims to improve the resilience of vulnerable populations to climate risks. Post-emergency actions are initially undertaken to quickly restart agricultural activities. Sustainable actions related to agroecological practices will then be undertaken to revive the local economy and food security of families. Matthew post diagnosis The Hurricane Matthew on southern Haiti has caused considerable damage.…...read more

Since April 2016, Agrisud and the Dutch NGO SNV (Netherlands Development Organization) have been working with the Lao government to address nutrition problems in the northern rural provinces: the ENUFF program (Enhancing Nutrition for Upland Farming Families). This program has a dual agricultural and nutritional dimension, its objective is to improve the food quality of populations in 40 villages of these mountainous areas. Nutrition in Laos: a national issue Poor families living in isolated mountain areas are most affected by…...read more

Last December, Agrisud International and its partners (AIM1, CIRAD2, MPE3) organized the launch of new product sales in several markets in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. The purpose of this operation was to promote the products of agroecology. Agroecology to "Feed the capital" Urban and peri-urban agricultural activity in Antananarivo is important and contributes in supplying the city. However, production conditions are precarious and trade chains are rarely organized. The ASA (Agro-Silviculture around Antananarivo) program, funded mainly by the European Union,…...read more

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In partnership with Laotian NGO DOKLAO, our Agrisud team in Laos carried out an original program in June 2016 to raise awareness of environment through games and theater. The objective is to mobilize local populations to the challenges of biodiversity and the preservation of the village forests they manage through their land-use planning. This program has created a real enthusiasm among the populations, and many community projects have emerged for the preservation of the forest. Mobilizing people to create an…...read more

Following a diagnosis of the situation in southern Haiti hit hard severely affected by Hurricane Matthew, our team intend to do, in partnership with haïtian NGO GRADIMIRH an "emergency-reconstruction-development" action in Port-Salut, Arniquet and Saint-Jean du Sud. With the participation of local officials, technical services and producer organizations, the goal is to support small and vulnerable family farmers in rehabilitating their habitat completely destroyed and restarting agricultural activities on two areas: food security and income generation. Support our team work, please donate....read more

[Morocco, July 2016] On the occasion of the assessment of the pilot phase of the project "Sustainable enhancement of the farming sector performances" led by Agrisud in Ghassate near Ouarzazate, a photo exhibition highlights 18 of the 119 families involved. This project has been implementing for 2 years with the support of MASEN, the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy, which aims to promote local development around the solar complex area that it has put in place in Ouarzazate. The ORMVAO,…...read more

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This movie presents the project’s activities and results, from the supply chains and family-size farming businesses’ reinforcement perspective as well as the environmental footprint measure....read more

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Madagascar faces major development challenges, particularly in rural areas. The potential of the country is not yet well established, and rural populations, often presented incorrectly as resistant to change, often lack when they wish to expand their activities. Yet the resources and support mechanisms exist: technical services devolved state, Regional Fund for Agricultural Development, NGOs, projects and programs, and a large number of local organizations (NGOs, cooperatives, associations). These could play an important role in the dissemination of technical innovations…...read more

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As part of the partnership with DM Echange et Mission mission and SECAAR, Agrisud facilitated a learning cycle Tsévié Togo from 18 to 23 April 2016. The learning cycle is to improve participants' ability to implement advice to agricultural small businesses within the framework of development projects. It is organized in plenary and group work in a logical exchanges around methods and tools to professionalize advisory activities taking account of the contractor (individual or organization of individuals), its activity output…...read more

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