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(Français) Depuis 2015, Agrisud et ses partenaires mènent avec succès le projet de Foresterie et Agro-écologie (FORAE) pour les minorités des montagnes du Nord-Laos. L’objectif de ce projet est de développer des modèles agricoles adaptés à ces contextes fragiles pour répondre aux problèmes de pauvreté de ces populations marginalisées tout en préservant les ressources naturelles et productives. Par des formations et un suivi technique et économique, 884 familles d’agriculteurs ont été accompagnées dans la transition agro-écologique ; des plans participatifs d’aménagement…...read more

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Agrisud International and the Norsys Foundation organized in Marrakech, Friday December 14th 2018, the 1st edition of "Guindo-mets, cooking with agroecology" to bring together responsible producers and consumers. "Guindo" refers to the name of the agroecological producers of the Marrakech palm grove. The word "mets", refers to the courses made from their products. A cooking contest to educate future-chefs to "healthy cooking" with agroecological products This event put the future-chefs of Marrakech's hotels in competition on the theme of "Tradition…...read more

The steering committee of the decentralized cooperation program, between the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region and the Senegalese regions of Diourbel and Fatick, took place at the Regional Council in Bordeaux. Among the work leads which compose this program, the PRPA: Project of Revitalization of Family Farm Production, implemented by Agrisud, is of great interest to Senegalese communities/authorities.   Territorial actors mobilized for a successful decentralized cooperation in Senegal The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region welcomed a Senegalese delegation from Fatick and Diourbel Regions which are…...read more

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Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasna, chairwoman of the  Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection, met farmers supported by Agrisud and the Norsys Foundation as part of the component "inclusion of populations” in the Program of Safeguarding and Sustainable Development of the palm grove.   An agroecology project to strengthen and sustainably develop agricultural activities [caption id="attachment_8127" align="alignleft" width="270"] 3 farmers of the project and Imane Taaime, Director of the Norsys Foundation[/caption] Implemented by Agrisud and the Norsys Foundation, the project has enabled in pilot phase to support 49 farm families in…...read more

(Français) Dans le cadre d’un programme soutenu par le FIDA à Sao Tomé e Principe, Agrisud a été sollicitée pour appuyer la réalisation d’un guide pratique de production de poivre biologique. Cet outil pédagogique a été finalisé fin 2017. Soutenir la petite agriculture commerciale pour lutter contre la pauvreté La réalisation de ce guide pratique s’inscrit dans le Programme d’appui à la petite agriculture commerciale (PAPAC). Ce programme lutte contre la pauvreté et l’insécurité alimentaire à Sao Tomé e Principe…...read more

End of September, an agroecological learning cycle has been organized by Agrisud in Sa Pa (northern Vietnam) as part of the IDEAS project*. The main goal is to support the project’s agricultural technicians in improving their practices. This enhancement directly benefits farmers they supervise daily. Claire Kieffer, who oversees Agrisud activities in Vietnam, tells us the course of this cycle and the resulting benefits: "Fifteen technicians and coordinators from Sa Pa Agricultural Office and Ranger stations benefited from this training…...read more

Agrisud supports and trains SWISSAID teams (Swiss NGOs) in their project to build a skills development center in agroecology. During the 2nd training session, which took place in September 2017, a communication action was organized to promote agroecology at national level. A specific learning cycle to strengthen field partners’ skills In order to develop a sustainable agriculture in Guinea-Bissau, SWISSAID has undertaken to strengthen the know-how of its field partners in order to organize an agroecology skills center. This hub…...read more

Since 2013, the Sustainable Development Program of the Limbé’s watershed (PAD Nord) has been contributing to improve the living conditions of rural populations in a context of great environmental and socio-economic fragility. This program is led by Agrisud in partnership with the Haitian NGO GRADIMIRH and the financial support of AFD and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, as well as Misereor, ESFI, BNPP and IFAID (€ 1 million in total). Protecting landforms from erosion and developing agricultural sectors Major flooding was recently…...read more

Agrisud and its partners, the Norsys Foundation and ORMVAO, jointly led the Entrepreneurial initiatives program of Agricultural Services (INES). Initiated by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, this project also received support from MASEN (Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy). The goal was to create both service activities that benefit farms in Ghassate (Morocco) and jobs for rural youth. Entrepreneurship and its opportunities During the 18 months of the project, around ten young entrepreneurs have been supported in the creation of their business. Most…...read more

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