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After 20 years in promoting the small family farm as a bulwark to food crises in Southern contries, Agrisud offers a good agroecological practices Guide. This experiences book has the ambition to be useful to anyone on the field, who wants to promote agricultural practices in a sustainable way, economically efficient, carrying human development , food security and population health. A contribution to this great challenge of food availability for all, both in quantity and quality. The guide is available online…...read more

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(Français) Au Maroc, dans les Provinces de Ouarzazate, de Zagora, et plus récemment de Tinghir, les exploitations agricoles familiales ont été accompagnées dans le renforcement et le développement de leurs activités de maraîchage, d’arboriculture fruitière et d’élevage ovin de race D’man. Cette activité d'élevage occupe une place privilégiée dans les systèmes oasiens : avec son patrimoine génétique, la race D’man possède des caractéristiques qui font de son élevage une activité génératrice de revenus. Sur le terrain, les actions sont identifiées…...read more

01/28/2012 inRead and Watch, Field news

Crops from here: Morocco The “portaits” book who valorize the fruit growers of the Atlas Since 2010, AGRISUD and its partner NORSYS Foundation accompany Cooperative Tifawine inthe Igran Asni project. It aims to strengthen family farms and fruit to develop, among other things, new marketing channels with CLUB MED resorts. In order to develop this partnership, a portaits book of fruit crop producers andcooking recipes in theorchards Asni was made by CLUB MED. The book is sold in the shops…...read more

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(Français) Agrisud International, la Fondation Good Planet, en partenariat avec le LRI de l’Université d'Antananarivo et avec l’IRD, ont réalisé un film sur l'agroécologie et l'empreinte carbone à Madagascar, avec le soutien de Veolia Environnement. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xvuc8n_agroecologie-et-empreinte-carbone-a-madagascar_webcam#from=embediframe...read more

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GoodPlanet Agrisud and launch a new draft forestry and agro-ecology and Madagascar Partners since 2008, the Action Carbone program of the foundation and the associationGoodPlanet Agrisud International Partner through a new draft forestry and agro-ecology in Madagascar. In particular through a grant from the AFD, the initial work will be launched as early as July 2011. See press release...read more

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(Français) La Fondation GooDPlanet présente un film documentaire sur la Désertification et l'agroécologie. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xlyzn1_desertification-goodplanet-mov-youtube_news#from=embediframe...read more

04/27/2010 inRead and Watch, Agrisud’s

Agrisud is a partner of Toogezer magazine and the "Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris" as part of the organization's First Round of world sustainable development On Friday, April 2, 2010 in Paris, come and meet women and men in the field, from around the world and interact with them on solutions for a greener world and united! On the menu: discussions & focus on biodiversity & the North-South solidarity, books travel with globe-trotters of sustainable development, digital exhibition, fair & organic…...read more

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October 16, 2009 : This day reminds us that a billion people suffer from hunger or malnutrition. This figure is constantly changing: what will be in 2050 when the world will have 9 billion people? Can we hope that all will eat correctly ? A synopsis of CIRAD and INRA revealed that the objective could be achieved, but needs radical changes. The Novethic newsletter (www.novethic.fr) from October 9, gives us informations. read here...read more

03/27/2009 inRead and Watch, Agrisud’s

Partnership Agrisud - Club Med A partnership agreement was signed between the Club Méditéranée and Agrisud to play an active role in the economic development of regions where it operates. This partnership aims to promote economic and social link between the Club Med villages and their environment, through support for the creation of very small businesses sustainable and close to Club Med villages in the South. Read the press release...read more

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