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"This Cicid marks progress on specific points but remains unclear on many other topics and marks a worrying turning point on the migration issue." On February 8 was held the first Interministerial Committee for International Development Cooperation (Cicid) of the quinquennat, under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. Coordination Sud, shares its reactions to the conclusions of this assembly: "International solidarity: should we have a close or far look at the government's proposal?" (in french) Highly anticipated by civil society, 73 NGOs including Agrisud…...read more

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"This book is based on the testimonies of women and men from all professions and from all continents. They call on civil and trade union organizations, public institutions, businesses and every citizen to walk the paths of the human economy." RIEH (International Network for a Human Economy) Prefaces of Kofi Annan, Enrique Iglesias and Christiane Hessel They act for a human economy a range of brave human economy initiatives around the world Values and foundations of human economy proposals to change practices…...read more

L’aide publique au développement, nationale ou multilatérale, affiche un sérieux point faible : elle a trop longtemps fait de l’agriculture son parent pauvre. Ce désintérêt a deux raisons : la culture consensuelle qui oriente l'aide reflète le modèle de développement industriel qui a longtemps prévalu dans les pays occidentaux ; à l’autre bout de la chaîne, dans les pays du Sud, les Etats ne regardent quasiment jamais le soutien de leur agriculture comme une priorité. Elle est loin l’époque de Robert…...read more

As climate negotiations opened in Bonn for the COP23, NGOs call on governments to accelerate dialogs to step up to the challenge of climate emergency. "Two years after COP21, COP23 must sow the seeds for a vital amplification of climate efforts from 2018 and beyond. It must be a central moment for all stakeholders involved in the fight against climate change, especially States." Agrisud is a member of Coordination Sud, a signatory to this declaration. Download the document (in French)...read more

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Patrick Caron and Jean-Marc Châtaigner offer a critical analysis of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), their interactions and the contradictions they carry. "This multi-faceted approach offers different reading keys and highlights the importance of research to understand SDGs issues, measure the progress of their implementation and design innovative solutions in conjunction with the society." IRD Editions. This book is to be published by IRD Editions....read more

Discover how Agrisud has been innovating for the last 25 years against poverty and what were the highlights of 2016. Read the 2016 annual report Good reading!...read more

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Professor Yolande Berton-Ofouémé has just published (Publisher: L'Harmattan) a work of synthesis on the supply of cities and the food issue based on work carried out with Agrisud International. Here is the preface of this book, written by Yvonnick Huet, the Managing Director of Agrisud International. PREFACE Millions of inhabitants will carry on to converge to major cities of Africa. Urbanization is a global phenomenon, an unavoidable transformation of our societies which now has an exponential character. In sub-Saharan Africa, for…...read more

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A young farmer like no other... After accompanying many families of small farmers in Haiti, Madagascar, Niger, or in DR Congo... Ivonig Caillaud wanted to undertake in his turn. He settled on the island of Ré to realize his project and concurrently continues his missions for Agrisud International. Local newspaper "Le Tambour d'Ars" followed him for a year: Read the article (in French)...read more

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The newsletter "Agricultural Information" went on site to interview our teams around the project "Fruit farming professionalization (phase IV) and securing access to water" in Asni circle, near Marrakech. "The goal is to have an approach of professionalisation in an agroecology logic that leads to autonomy by adapting to climatic conditions." Yvonnick Huet, CEO of Agrisud International. Read the article (french version)...read more

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