Local Economy against Poverty

Témoignage de Mohamed Ait Ben Hammou, conseiller technique de l'ORMVAO (Maroc)

"As an employee of ORMVAO, an Agrisud International’s partner for more than 10 years, I am honored to testify on the training session « Management Advice » that I attended to recently. It has been very intense and very rich. In addition to the great atmosphere and good relations among group members, representing different actors of the development sector, and also with the two animators, Elphège and Sylvain, the pedagogy was very practical with role-playing which could have been real situations in…...read more

témoignage d'Alice VILLEMIN, volontaire de l'IFAID Aquitaine sur projet d'Agrisud au Sénégal

[Full translation coming soon] « Ce qui m’a plu lors de cette formation, c’est la grande variété de profils des participants (institutions publiques, services agricoles, partenaires techniques, agriculteurs). Cela a permis d’enrichir les travaux de groupe grâce au partage de différents points de vue provenant d’acteurs qui travaillent ensemble au quotidien, sur le terrain.  J’ai également beaucoup apprécié les méthodes d’animation qui étaient axées sur des travaux de groupes et mises en situation. Nous étions donc très actifs pendant la session et…...read more

conseil de gestion agricole mozambique

"My name is Nastia Mateus Issa, a native of Gurué. I did my studies at the agrarian institute of Gurué. I also did an internship at IIAM, the Mozambican Agricultural Research Institute where I learned Many things related to agriculture. Today I work in Malema as an agricultural technician in the buffer zone of the Gilé National Reserve for the Agrisud project. The management consulting training was very good, very enjoyable and a good experience for me because it was…...read more

conseil de gestion agricole mozambique

"My name is Ivens Luciano Ambrósio. I am from Quelimane and I did the agricultural and livestock curriculum of the district of Gurué in Zambézia. I graduated from school in 2015. I worked on a research project on vegetable production according to the agro-ecological environment in Gurué and then worked on the optimization of fertilizers. Now I work at Etc Terra on the Mozbio project. I am the agricultural support technician of the Namurrua community in the buffer zone of…...read more