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02/14/2018 inRead and Watch, Illustrate
Review of the 1st Cicid (Interministerial Committee for International Development Cooperation) of the quinquennat.

“This Cicid marks progress on specific points but remains unclear on many other topics and marks a worrying turning point on the migration issue.”

On February 8 was held the first Interministerial Committee for International Development Cooperation (Cicid) of the quinquennat, under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

Coordination Sud, shares its reactions to the conclusions of this assembly:

“International solidarity: should we have a close or far look at the government’s proposal?” (in french)

Highly anticipated by civil society, 73 NGOs including Agrisud signed up a platform (in french) two days earlier in order to remind Emmanuel Macron to meet his commitments on APD (Official development assistance) and to support an ambitious, coherent and reinfroced cooperation policy.

Ahead of this meeting, Coordination Sud wrote (article in french) :

“Cicid can be an opportunity to reform French APD in connection with the review of the law and a strategic roadmap aligned with the SDGs. It is also an opportunity to finally give a reality to the minister’s commitment to continue increasing the share of aid transiting through French NGOs.

Read the Cicid official report of February 8, 2018 (in french)

Photo by Mari Helin-Tuominen on Unsplash