Local Economy against Poverty

Birth of the association “Porte-Greffe – Espace-Test Agricole de Gironde”

This welcome initiative, led by Cécile Bruère and people motivated by the arrival of a new age in agriculture, just extend the pilot actions carried out by Agrisud on this territory since 2012, in particular the project “Ruche du Médoc” (Hive Médoc).

The association aims to support and develop the activity test based on an agricultural activity. It accompanies people in their professionalization process and their integration into the territory according to the specificities of each project promoter. It is particularly aimed at people experiencing a career change.

“Porte-Greffe” (Grafting-Holder) is a particularly well-chosen name, because it affirms a vocation of spin-off, of multiplication in which each individual potential is anchored in the local context in order to nourish it.

We wish long life to the association and initiatives that will come out.

Porte-Greffe presentation (in French)