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[ANALYSIS - Covid-19] Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Madagascar – the initiatives group testifies -

Seven organizations * of the initiatives Group operating in Madagascar produced a note to testify to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis in their work area.

Written on the basis of a collection of around fifty testimonies from producers, project managers, managers of professional organizations, entrepreneurs and managers of technical services, members of local authorities and residents of neighborhoods, the present note has the simple ambition of bringing an empirical light and raising a certain number of questions and reflections relating to this new situation.

After a reminder of the few socio-economic characteristics of Madagascar, a summary of the situation relating to the presence of COVID-19 on the territory is proposed through a review of health data and the main measures taken by the government to control its expansion.

The presentation of the field observations will then be approached from different angles, which correspond to the diversity of the work of the members of the Gi in Madagascar, namely (i) the effects on the economic and social fabric, and in particular in the cities, (ii) effects in the agricultural and rural world, taking into account the functioning of production systems and sectors under the constraint of declining demand and transport difficulties, (iii) repercussions on the exploitation of natural resources , and finally (iv) the effects at the level of rural local authorities.

The observations presented in this note reflect above all a diversity of situations in the regions of the country where the members of the Gi intervene, but cannot be the object of generalization.

* Agrisud, APDRA, AVSF, GRET, ID Interaide, IRAM. They have led many projects in Madagascar for many years, some of them carried out jointly or in synergy.

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