Local Economy against Poverty

Agroecology in Madagascar: 3 days to discover new market gardening products!

Last December, Agrisud International and its partners (AIM1, CIRAD2, MPE3) organized the launch of new product sales in several markets in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. The purpose of this operation was to promote the products of agroecology.

Agroecology to “Feed the capital”

Urban and peri-urban agricultural activity in Antananarivo is important and contributes in supplying the city. However, production conditions are precarious and trade chains are rarely organized.

The ASA (Agro-Silviculture around Antananarivo) program, funded mainly by the European Union, intends to “Feed the capital” by helping vulnerable farmers in the peri-urban area.

Agroécologie à MadagascarIn this context, the Agrisud team implements the PROFAPAN4 project with its partners AIM, CIRAD and MPE. Since 2015, in coordination with the Regional Directorate for Agriculture and Livestock, more than 1,000 farmers have been trained in agroecological practices. Their production of market gardening or breeding (fruits, vegetables, chickens of local breed) has thus improved in quantity and quality while preserving natural resources. Thanks to organized local distribution channels, these farmers can now regularly supply the markets and generate sufficient income to meet their needs.

Animations to discover agroecology and local farmers

Agroécologie à Madagascar
On December 15th, 16th and 17th (2016), Antananarivo city hall was very busy. ASA farmers advertised their products and practices on several booths. What is agroecology? What are the methods of production? Many consumers who came to this official opening were able to find answers to these questions through exchanges with producers.

agroécologie à MadagascarA logo and several communication media were produced on this occasion to give a strong visual identity to these products. It facilitates sales development thanks to a better identification with other offers and a better memorization.

The APDRA  - fish farming, another operator of the ASA program involved in the AMPIANA5 project on fish production, also took part in the event to present its activities. In collaboration with a health center (CSR6), ONN also provided nutritional advice, highlighting the health benefits of healthy and diverse food through agroecology. Recipe cards were distributed and tastings organized for visitors.

More affordable than organic products in terms of price, agroecology offers products that perfectly meet consumers needs who wish to eat good quality food at reasonable prices. For their part, farmers’ income improve and the whole contributes to the development of local economy. Two other events took place on the markets of Analakely and Ivandry, where are located the first two points of sale of agroecological products of the capital.

The 3 launch days demonstrated how sustainable agriculture is beneficial for both men and the environment. They have experienced a record crowd of an urban population sensitive to agroecological products. It is the beginning of a promising road, highlighting the capacity of peri-urban agriculture to satisfy the demand for quality products that are increasingly expressed by urban consumers.

AIM: Madagascar Intercooperation Action
CIRAD: The French agricultural research and international cooperation organization working for the sustainable development of tropical and Mediterranean regions
MPE: Malagasy Livestock Professionals
PROFAPAN: Peri-urban farming supply chain professionalization in Northern Antananarivo
AMPIANA: Analamanga Fish Market Support Project
CSR: Health Center Rakotonandrasana