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Agrisud signs the new Coordination Sud’s Charter

“A Shared Ethic”
The new Ethics Charter of Coordination Sud and its members was adopted at the General Assembly last June. Agrisud, a member of Coordination Sud for almost 20 years, has signed this charter.

Resulting from a collective and participative work, this text is basically the foundation of the trusty relations between Coordination Sud and its members, and their stakeholders.

Affirming a shared vision: where everyone is mobilized to promote a world without poverty, without inequalities and without injustices; a world of solidarity and equality where human rights and the environment are respected.

Specifying the ethical principles that gather and commit its members on the governance and associative life, on citizen engagement, on people respect, on independence, on financings, on fair partnership, on continuous improvement as well as transparency and accountability.

Read the Charter: “A Shared Ethic” (in French)

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