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Agrisud participates at the COP15 Desertification in Abidjan

From May 9 to 20, 2022, the COP15 Desertification will be held in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

Agrisud participates with its Ivorian partner, the Autonomous District of Abidjan (DAA). Together, they will advocate for a sustainable and inclusive agricultural development.

Agrisud and DAA will also advocate for agro-ecology to address land degradation issues, alongside CARI and many other civil society organizations.


“Agro-ecology & Territorial approaches: beyond words, methods and tools to act!”

This is the title of the round table organized by Agrisud and the DAA on May 16 at the COP15 in the Sofitel Hotel in Abidjan.

This event aims to encourage decision-makers to support sustainable agriculture initiatives and to strengthen organizations that combat desertification and land degradation by presenting analyses and recommendations based on field experiences.

The Minister-Governor of the Autonomous District of Abidjan, Mr. Robert BEUGRE MAMBE, will also speak about the preservation of peri-urban agricultural areas in Abidjan, to which the PROFIT project implemented in partnership with Agrisud in Ivory Coast contributes.

Several key questions will be addressed during this roundtable, including: which actors should be involved and how should their skills and mandates be brought together to build a shared and balanced vision of a territory’s development? How to structure territorial analysis and foresight? Beyond planning, how to concretize the vision, engage actors, coordinate their actions and animate a territorial dynamic?
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COP15 and Désertif’actions: 2 times of mobilization of the civil society

The COP15 which will be held in Abidjan is a strong time of mobilization of the civil society to carry a common plea within the framework of the Désertif’Actions summit, organized by the CARI through several actions: side-events, contributions to the debates in plenary…

One of the axes of the advocacy is to demonstrate that agro-ecology assures a central role to answer the stakes of desertification and land degradation but also to the other great current environmental and socio-economic stakes: loss of biodiversity, climate change, food security… It constitutes an inescapable solution with 3 types of complementary actions: to avoid the land degradation, to reduce it and to restore the degraded lands.

The Desertif’actions Summit will take place in October 2022 in Montpellier and will be a time of restitution of the COP15, of sharing experiences and of raising awareness among the general public.