Local Economy against Poverty

Agrisud International organized a conference on climate change and migration and published his new “Management Guide for family farm”

On November 5, 2015, Agrisud International organized a conference on the theme “Climate-Migration: global problem, local solutions,” which has allowed, during a debate involving climate experts, agriculture and of employment, to draw up an alarming picture of the prospective economic and climatic migration by 2050 and the effects of climate change in the South. Faced with these worrying phenomena, Agrisud has shown that solutions exist, that empower the people of southern and stabilize in rural areas.

Guide 5 novHosted by Robert Lion, President Agrisud and former Director General of the Caisse des Dépôts, the roundtable brought in Pierre Ducret, Advisor COP 21 Climate and the Caisse des Dépôts Group, Jean-Marc Chataigner, Director General of the Institute of Research for Development (IRD), Henri Rouille d’Orfeuil, member of the Academy of Agriculture and Denis Loyer, President of Etc Terra, former Advisor AFD’s climate. Their conclusion is that agriculture, provider of 40% of jobs in the world, is undergoing economic and climate crises “that could lead almost 1.7 billion farmers to abandon farming in decades” (Henri Rouille of Orfeuil). Drought, desertification and land degradation, combined with some forms of capitalist expropriation of land and the expansion of industrial agriculture, threatening the family farm for many Southern countries. These current trends announced a massive reinforcement of migration flows.

Save family farming, the main source of employment in developing countries is to maintain rural employment, curb urban migration and limit the flow of economic refugees. This backup through relevant modernization of family farming that respects soil fertility and limiting the use of chemical inputs, and which then becomes an effective agent for limiting emissions of green house gases and sequestration of carbon. Ecological intensification appears to experience, as a powerful factor of resilience and productivity.

As an introduction to this debate, the Mahavotra program developed in Madagascar by Agrisud, the GoodPlanet Foundation and the association Etc Terra, was presented as an example of a high climate benefit program. This initiative contributes to the overall objectives of these two highly topical: curb the rural exodus and migration and fight climate change.

During this evening Agrisud also presented its new guide “Management Guide for family farm” which offers methods and tools for the professionalization of family farming. Foreword by Henri Rouille d’Orfeuil and Marc Dufumier, it was produced with the support of the Caisse des Dépôts, LSDH, Veolia and Orange. To view the guide, click here.

See the press release of the conference “Climate and Migration: global problem, local solutions