Local Economy against Poverty

Agrisud completes its video series “Sustainable Solutions” with the vision of experts and professionals

Starting from January 28th, 2021, every Thursday and for 3 weeks, discover the vision of an expert or a professional on “Sustainable Solutions”.

This new series completes the 5 videos “Stop aux idées reçues !” (“Stop to preconceived ideas!”) released at the end of 2020 by addressing Sustainable Solutions through 3 areas: academic, politics and company.


The first video of this new series : “Climat et agroécologie, le duo gagnant !” (“Climate and agroecology, the winning duo!”) brings in Christian de Pertuis, an expert in climate economics. Then, it will be followed by two other leading figures: Isabelle Boudineau, regarding her expertise in decentralized cooperation and Emmanuel Vasseneix, because of his business expertise.

Let’s meet every week, beginning this Thursday, on Agrisud’sFacebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube Pages, to share these points of view together and make them known to those around you!

Watch or watch again the 5 videos “Stop aux idées reçues !” (in French)