Local Economy against Poverty

06/28/2012 inAgrisud’s
Agrisud at Rio+20
From June 20 to 22, the worl leaders will gather in Rio de Janeiro, 20 years after the first World Summit on Sustainable Development.
In a global context of climate change, resource depletion, pollution, accelerating population growth, health risks, the question put to them is twofold: What environmental governance in a comprehensive approach to sustainable development? How to make ”greener” economy?
Beyond the official closed conference, many NGOs are present in the ”People’s Summit“,with a critical position against the official agenda for Rio +20 on the green economy, the false solutions and the failure of the debate on global governance. Many topics related to sustainable development will be highlighted and discussed. Among them: the fight against poverty, food security, agroecology … so many topics we know well in Agrisud.
Our presence at the Summit will give us many opportunities to discuss these topics, to share our experience with others, to help build sustainable solutions. We will have a great opportunity to promote agroecology. On this occasion, our guide ”agroecology, best practices” will be presented in three languages​​: English, French and Portuguese: