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Agrisud at the ALIMENTERRE Festival: 4 events to raise awareness on the challenges of sustainable food systems

The 2020 edition of the ALIMENTERRE Festival encouraged substantial worldwide exchanges on the agricultural and food challenges through the organization of more than 1,000 events. Agrisud and its stakeholders fall within the approach of the Festival by sharing their sustainable solutions during the 4 events in Vietnam, Senegal, Morocco and Madagascar.

Meeting, sharing and exchanging on the challenges of sustainable nutrition

The activities were carried out on local challenges and the solutions that can be found. Delegates, most of them young students in agricultural courses, became aware of the role they have to play in their territory.

Vietnam : Producing, Consuming & Preserving natural resources

The photo exhibition which took place on October 29th, 2020, highlighted the practices and the know-how of the cooperative based in the Hoàng Liên National Park (HLNP). The challenge of this area is to improve the producers’ income while preserving the natural resources of this protected site. The agro-ecological practices implemented, short supply channels as well as the awareness of local stakeholders were at the center of this event.

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Senegal: Food sovereignty and youth jobs

Producing and consuming locally are challenges for Senegal’s food sovereignty. This is what the speakers outlined during this screening-debate with the students of the Professional Training Center of Diourbel. The jobs’ diversity provided by the agricultural field appears to be a solution: this sector offers to young Senegalese both a job and an opportunity to contribute to implementing a sustainable food system

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Morocco: Sustainable agriculture here and there

This virtual meeting between the Norsys Foundation in Morocco and French high school students emphasised the diversity of agricultural practices which can exist on a same territory. The experiences of sustainable agriculture in the oasian environment especially raised the young people interest. They realized that there is not only one but several solutions for sustainable food systems.

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Madagascar: Training to face the needs of a territory

Exchanges with the students concerned solutions to develop in order to reinforce the resilience and the sustainability of food systems in the Itasy region. The network of Master farmers and the “Agro-ecology” course of the University appear to be levers to spread knowledge and know-how which are compulsory to the agricultural development of the territory.

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Through these meetings, the diversity of challenges for sustainable food systems was highlighted, as well as the need to propose solutions which are in sync with local realities.