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Agrisud is at COP14 to combat desertification

Agrisud and CARI take part in COP14 of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), which runs from September 2nd to 13th in New Delhi, India. With their civil society partners, they carry the messages of the Declaration of the Desertif’actions International Summit.


Take into account the voice of civil society at COP14 to combat desertification

Before each UNCCD COP, civil society meets at a unique Summit: Desertif’actions to prepare its contributions to combating desertification.

At the end of the 4th edition held in June 2019 in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), a Declaration including recommendations of the civil society was approved by more than 380 participants. Agrisud, CARI and their partners are now delivering these messages to UNCCD COP14. Their request is that the Declaration “We are the land fighting desertification” is included in decision-making documents of COP14.

They wish to weigh on decisions in order to put land back at the center of conversations.


Agrisud speaks at COP14 to support Desertif’actions recommendations

As part of the Desertif’actions restitution, Agrisud will speak at the Rio Pavilion about “Agro-ecology and mobilization of territorial actors”

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Download the summary of Desertif’actions 2019

Download the Declaration


« Our conviction is that we must mobilize the dormant forces of the earth with the forces that we are, actors of development, the forces active in agriculture, pastoral, oasis, island and many other contexts , all citizens of the world: together, we are not the defenders of the land in the face of desertification, but WE are the land that defends itself.

(…) We are determined to carry out the land tenure -related discussions that civil society for the first time has explicitly carried into the official agenda of the Conference of the Parties to Combat Desertification.

(…) In this agenda, our contributions will go to the earth-biodiversity-climate links, to the earth-renewable energies link, to the rural-urban link, to the earth-health link.»


Listen or Read the final declaration of the civil society at the COP14