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Agrisud’s territorial approach for Sustainable agriculture presented to the French Development Agency

Agrisud and the French Development Agency co-organised on the 29th of January in Paris an event to celebrate the release of the handbook “Agriculture & Dynamics of the territories”.

A video presentation of the « territory » approach of Agrisud introduced two round tables where many figures (public authorities, companies, civil society…) described the principles of its implementation and highlighted the importance of this approach according to different points of view.


The « territory » approach of Agrisud formalized in a handbook to ensure its best diffusion

Le guide For more than 25 years, Agrisud has been leading agricultural development projects and it takes action in a complementary way:

  • at the level of family farms, in order to improve the (economical, social, environmental) efficiency of agricultural systems and the way of managing the activities;
  • At the level of the territory, in order to encourage and secure the development of the farms in their process of agro-ecological transition.

Acting at the territory scale is not simple because it requires taking into account both the economic interests of the different stakeholders and the challenges of other fields (water, environment, energy, jobs…)

Agrisud and its field teams initiated a capitalization of their good practices in 26 countries to be able to share their know-how with the majority. It is the challenge for the AGRITER program which this initiative is a part of.

*in Asia, Africa, Southern America and the Caribbean.

La démarche « territoire » d’Agrisud formalisée dans un guide pour être mieux diffusée

Download the handbook « Agriculture & Dynamics of the territories ».


The « territory approach » of Agrisud illustrated by testimonies of key stakeholders. 

Many questions can rise when we have to initiate a “territory” approach.

Two round tables allowed exchanges between stakeholders from the North and the South, on conditions of implementing a positive environment, encouraging sustainable development of the activities lead by the family farms.

Institutional officials, companies and organizations’ representatives demonstrated the link between the implementation of a political and institutional environment and the reinforcement of the socio-economic dynamics of territories thanks to concrete examples.

Some verbatim pointed out during the round tables:

«  It’s this alignment, the exchange between stakeholders and the long-time commitment which encourage sustainable development of the agriculture and the territories.»


“It is by a win-win principle that we can develop sustainable supply value-chains. It requires a long-time period and the trust and involvement of stakeholders. Positive externalities impact the territory.”

La démarche « territoire » d’Agrisud illustrée par des témoignages d’acteurs clés

  • Find the exchanges in Twitter: #GuideTerritoires #AgricultureDurable
  • Round tables’ podcasts to come


Bertrand Walckenear AFD saluant la sortie du guide AgrisudSpeeches of many figures punctuated the afternoon, among them : Mr Pierre Salignon, Director of the Civil Society Organizations division at the FDA, Mr Joël Lebreton, Chairman of Agrisud, Mr Alain Rousset, Chairman of the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region, as well as Mr Michel Destot, former deputy-mayor of Grenoble, participating as a “great witness”.

It was Mr Bertrand Walckenear, Chief executive delegate at the FDA, who concluded by pointing out the quality of the collaboration between Agrisud and the French Development Agency (FDA),, celebrating the release of this handbookwhich echoes the values that have been promoted by the FDA on the field for many years. He saluted the collective work carried out by Agrisud and its stakeholders which contributes to create a good environment for the development of sustainable agriculture, a source of income for the producers and social cohesion.

These collective dynamics are at the center of the « territory » approach of Agrisud.

Download the handbook « Agriculture & Dynamics of the territories »

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