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03/29/2022 inField news, Illustrate
Acting for the sustainability of Ivorian agricultural and para-agricultural VSEs

Agrisud, as a partner of the Pierre Castel Fund in Ivory Coast, made a presentation in March 2022  to the students of the Pierre Castel Chair “Food system and entrepreneurship in Africa” ​​at the Yamoussoukro School of Agronomy.


Giving young entrepreneurs keys to sustainability for their activities

The Pierre Castel Chair aims to support young people in their entrepreneurial projects. The 8 students of the 2022 school year carry out various projects in the fields of agriculture and agri-food. Agrisud’s presentation aimed to work on the sustainability of these projects through 3 essential keys: production methods, integration into sectors and markets and territorial anchoring.

For half a day, the students were able to benefit from Agrisud’s field experience in supporting agricultural and para-agricultural VSEs, which knowledge is capitalize in its practical guides.

Certain themes, such as agroecology or the characterization of production systems, have been explored through presentations and discussions.

Finally, the case of the PROFIT project implemented by Agrisud in the Autonomous District of Abidjan and co-financed by AFD and the Pierre Castel Fund, concretely illustrated the support on the one hand, of family food farms at the agricultural level and on the other hand, cassava processing units into attiéké at the para-agricultural level.

.In summary, interesting and inspiring exchanges on various projects that promise a bright future for these young entrepreneurs!