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07/18/2019 inField news, Illustrate
Adaptation to climate change in northern Haiti

As part of a national program in Haiti to limit the impact of natural disasters, Agrisud and its partners launch a project: “Research – Training – Agricultural Extension on adaptation to climate change” in the area of ​​Centre-Artibonite, more especially in Saint-Raphaël Municipality (North Department).

Funded by the Inter-American Development Bank and the Climate Investment Fund, the objective is to propose sustainable solutions in agriculture and climate risk management.


Adapting to climate change to increase agricultural production and reduce economic losses

This 4-year project is one of the components of the “Capacity Building for Climate Risk Reduction” program promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Sustainable Development in Haiti.

In cooperation with key regional actors, several actions aim to build a good environment for agricultural activities development through adaptation to climate change.

  • The technical part plans to develop new agricultural practices and techniques, both sustainable and resilient to climate change. Farmers will benefit directly from this knowledge and tools.
  • The academic part will focus on strengthening knowledge in agricultural science and the environment. The IRD researchers will, among other things, supervise masters and doctoral students of Limonade University.

For its implementation, Agrisud is a leader and associated with 3 other partners:

  • IRD - Research Institute for Development ;
  • Henri Christophe Campus of the State University of Haiti in Limonade ;
  • NGO GRADIMIRH – Research and Action Group for the Integrated Development of the Haitian Rural Environment.

Associating technical and scientific actors, but also and especially farmers, insure to find effective and sustainable solutions in agriculture and climate risk management.