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02/26/2014 inAgrisud’s, Event, Illustrate
2014 : The International Year of Family Farming

This UN initiative’s aim is to improve the image of small and family farming. The objectives are to focus the world’s attention on their contribution to the eradication of poverty and hunger but also the improvement of food security, nutrition and livelihood. The topics of natural resources’ management, the protection of environment and sustainable development, especially in rural areas, will also be highlighted.

Agrisud has been supporting the development of family farming for over 20 years. This year 2014 will be especially emphasized by the organization’s different initiatives and involvement in many events. Indeed, Agrisud will:

  • Participate to the Groupe Travail Désertification (GTD) roundtable on “Agroecology and territories” in Montpellier, in January.
  • Participate to the IDDRI roundtable on “the French public help for Development and Agriculture” in Paris, in February.
  • Participate to Ashoka’s workshop on “Healthy and sustainable food” in Paris, in February.
  • Participate to the AFD-CIRAD conference “Family farming and management of natural resources” at the Agricultural Show (Salon de l’Agriculture), in Paris, in February.
  • Participate to the Seminar Un Monde Par Tous (A World By Everyone) “Peasant agriculture…” in Cergy-Pontoise, in March.
  • Participate to a cycle of conferences on “Feed humanity: the necessary food and farming transition” with Action Against Hunger in Paris, in April.
  • Participate to the international Agropolis meetings “Agriculture and research” in Montpellier, in June.
  • Plan the “Agrisud Meetings”. It will include an exhibition of its different programs, in Paris, in September.
  • Inaugurate “La Ruche du Médoc” (« The Medoc Hive »), in the Medoc region, in September.
  • Release Agrisud’s Guide on “Management Advice”, in October.
  • Participate to the international seminar on family farming in Dakar, in November.

In the same way, Agrisud’s teams will be mobilized in their countries to take initiatives and join events all along the year.